Neon Station Now Recreates Business Logo Into Neon Signs

Businesses that want to achieve a retro branding for their store locations can now turn to having a customized neon sign made by Neon Station. The online neon design company has recently offered creating personalized logos as part of their services.

Seeing the steady demand for neon signs from various businesses, Neon Station continue to take creative steps towards providing their clients and potential clients with unique and attractive signs to assist in their marketing and promotion strategies.

Neon signs are basically electricity-dependent signs that can be used as a more attractive alternative to the typical billboard designs. This type of marketing strategy was first made popular by the colorful neon signs installed in Times Square, New York.

Although it was first introduced to the mainstream market decades ago, a number of businesses are still turning to neon sign designers to boost their business identity, a report from Neon Station reveals. The company, which solely runs its operations online started with pre-made designs that primarily used by local chain stores. Some of the bestselling designs recorded by the company are: 

Alcoholic Drinks —

Food —, and

Sports Logos —

These designs create a vintage feel to a store location, while also easily attracting customers to the shop.

“As I was selling these pre-made designs through the online store, I have been receiving requests for personalized neon designs from other business owners, as well. So, I also started doing personalized neon texts for them,” said Kim, Neon Station store manager and lead designer.

However, in order to provide businesses with a distinct neon design, Kim decided to also create neon designs out of a business logo. “This is way more complicated than the previous designs I’ve made, but the response from our clients make it worth it,” said Kim.

According to Kim, 3 out 5 businesses that contact the store want their own logos for a neon sign. Neon designs from Neon Station can range from $100 to $200, depending on the design. This is higher than the cost of an ordinary sign, but the returns of having a neon sign in a business storefront has been known to have higher revenue returns, as well.

Aside from personalized neon designs, Neon Station also offers options for either a 3D or LED neon sign. The company has also been creating neon icons for restaurants and sports bars. Interested businesses can simply choose from the hundreds of designs already available for the Neon Station online shop. However, for those who wish to have their own design or logo created, Kim and the rest of the Neon Station team will also be happy to assist.

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