Necessary Accessories of Airwheel Unicycle to Lower Risk from Night Ride

As to the young office commuters, working overtime is never new to them and night travel becomes inevitable. Thereby, you might find out some shortcomings about self-balancing scooter while using it at night, but no need to worry about that. Only a few accessories are required to make your scooter safer and even more amazing at night.

Working overtime is an unavoidable problem for every office worker or even a regular routine for some companies. It will definitely be late at night when they get home. So for those who ride an electric unicycle on the roads without pavement in the dark, there will be some safety problems.

Due to its small size, the Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter is able to free the riders from traffic jams. However, every coin has two sides. Its small size also makes the rider hard to be noticed by other large vehicles in the dark night without lamps, therefore putting the rider in danger. Faced with such a problem, what should we do to lower the risk? Here comes the solution.  

The endurable LED warning lights, made of ultra-light aluminum alloy materials, can be installed to the board with some simple operation. There are three modes for the exclusive lights of the intelligent scooters–long light mode, slow flash one and quick flash one. With only two button cells, the scooter can give out lights that can be seen by others beyond 20 meter’s distance so that the riders’ safety will fully guaranteed. 

Another must-have for a night ride—LED laser stop light exclusive for Airwheel electric scooters. The lights are tailor-made for the knob of Airwheel scooters, which are also small enough to fit in the handle of the unicycle. Outside the shell of the lights are two switches, the light control switch and basement laser control switch for customer’s different preferences and needs. In this way, you will not only have a safe ride but also get a chance of showing your character.

Simple as they are, these two accessories are of vital necessity for your electric one-wheeled scooters that will make it safer for those users working up late to ride back home. The colorful light will bring you safety as well as a cheerful mood, allowing you to no longer fear dark nights and distinguish yourself from the other night-walkers. Do you want to have a safe ride and unique personality? Just start with having a cool vehicle on roads. And the Airwheel scooters are always here for you. 

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