NDS Suncoast Brings New Trends To South Florida Hair With Keratin Station

Keratin Station “All-In-One” Hair Therapy is a leave-in hair botanical infusion, which gives a host of benefits to all hair types.

The manufacturer has been present throughout the beauty industry for over 20 years, developing products that are embraced worldwide due to three basic reasons: Quality, Effective Marketing and good service. Due to the versatility of creating products with top quality formulas and extremely effective, combined with a powerful capability to adapt to new trends in all international markets, we are at the state of the art innovation and acceptance in the worldwide scenario and above all with our competitors.

Through a powerful and effective Corporate Division and the support of rigorous testing, we have developed a worldwide brand for hair care that has become, in only 4 years, one of the preferred ones by hair stylists and professionals around the Globe. This brand is KERATIN STATION.

A unique concept in hair care, this spray-in treatment provides 14 benefits to all hair types, from shine and frizz control to color fade protection and UVA/UVB protection. The one hair solution you have always dream of, Keratin Station All-in-One Hair Therapy adds shine to the hair and controls frizz whilst adding silky smoothness and enviable body and volume.

A pure herbal formulation, enriched and fortified with plant emollients, vegetable proteins and natural vitamins, it corrects and soothes damaged cuticles, while simultaneously soothing and toning the scalp and conditioning the length and ends of the hair. It is pH balanced for all hair types and good as a weekly conditioner to reconstruct dry, damaged hair caused by swimming and exposure to the sun. For all hair types, especially effective on hair that has been permed, bleached or chemically treated.

KERATIN STATION is made with top quality products related to hydrolyzed keratin treatments. It has been especially formulated so that stylists and hair professionals can achieve incomparable results, with less effort, no risks and in the least possible amount of time. Hair with Keratin Station becomes silky, bright, natural and full with life and these are all because of a long and decisive process in our labs and today we can proudly say that another company could hardly develop a formula with similar quality to that of Keratin Station anywhere in the World.  We are sure of this because we know which are the best ingredients, where to get them and how to combine them in a percentage that provides unique and incredible results. With Keratin Station performance is optimal, results are incomparable, the procedure is quick and simple, and it generates more profits per bottle; this is why stylists around the World are switching to Keratin Station once they realize their clients are grateful and coming back to their salons completely satisfied with the product. These are just some of the reasons why Keratin Station is an international brand that becomes more and more consolidated each day.


  • Enriched with collagen, organic oil, coconut and algae extracts.
  • Made with Hydrolyzed Keratin extracted from Sheep Wool. Sheep have been especially raised and breed in New Zealand.
  • Algae extract that aid in enriching and making the hair look more natural, rejuvenating it in an impeccable and shocking way.
  • Pleasant and subtle coconut aroma.
  • Keratin Station treatment can be applied to virgin hair or after any chemical process (even the same day).
  • Easy to use in 5 steps:
  1. Wash hair with Keratin Station’s clarifying shampoo
  2. Dry to 90%
  3. Apply Keratin Station’s hydrolyzed protein
  4. Blow dry or let the hair dry naturally without brushing 100%
  5. Iron
  • No wait time
  • Removes frizz to a 90%
  • It can be considered a progressive straightener
  • No visible residues on the hair
  • It lasts from 4 to 5 months
  • Friendly with the environment
  • Satisfied customers
  • Good profits!!!!!

If you are located in South Florida, there are some excellent news for your salon and your customers. NDS Suncoast Corp. is the official representative and exclusive distributor for the Keratin Station brand and its products.

NDS Suncoast Corp. supports the South Florida market including:

• Dade County
• Palm Beach County
• Florida East Coast
• Florida West Coast from Marco Island to Tampa

Its dedicated sales force and management team offers not only excellent quality products, but also a one of a kind customer experience. Count on us to take your salon to the next level. We invite you to visit us at www.ndssuncoast.com and see for yourself what the Keratin Station difference is all about.

For more information, contact:

NDS Suncoast Corp.
2100 SW 22nd Street, Suite 301
Miami, Fl 33145

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