Natural Herpes Cure: Treatment That Can Reduce The Number Of Outbreaks And Permanently Eliminate The Virus

Cure for herpes research shows that prescribed medications, expensive treatments and over-the-counter gels can only cover the symptoms of the virus, but fail to eliminate the root cause of it. This article discusses latest natural treatments and herpes cure studies that can help patients get rid of the herpes virus for good.
Many people live with herpes for years, and even decades, without even knowing they have it. Sometimes a person can get infected, have an outbreak, and not have another one until twenty years later. According to recent studies, 3 out 4 people who have herpes are not aware of the fact that they carry it. There are several factors that can provoke an outbreak including surgery, large amount of stress, illness, unhealthy lifestyle, but primarily, weakened immune system causes herpes outbreaks. In order to reduce the chances of future outbreaks immune system needs to be strengthened. Immune system can fight the virus, but the problem is that the virus retreats from immune defenses and hides in the nerves along the spinal cord. Sometimes the virus comes back and causes yet another outbreak.
Several studies show that natural medicine can reverse herpes virus. Thyme, cayenne and licorice can fight the virus, and galangal, una de gato (cat’s claw), lapacho, astragalus, pansy, myrrh and ligustrum are known to be one of the best antiviral herbs. Lysine is an amino acid and helps in the prevention of the herpes virus. According to the researches conducted by Hurt and Thein, oral supplementation of l-lysine increased the levels of lysine serum in patients, and, therefore, reduced the frequency of outbreaks. Dr. Mark McCune conducted his own study which confirmed those results. Reishi mushroom helps boost the immune system and has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Propolis and thuja cream can soothe the irritation caused by the blisters if applied onto the skin,and they also help fight the herpes virus. As stated above, strong immune system is needed to reverse the herpes virus. There are many nutrients that can help boost immune system, such as Vitamin C, echinacea, and zinc. 
Dr. James Privitera achieved some amazing results by giving olive leaf extract to his patients who were suffering from herpes. He conducted a study of six participants, all reported symptomatic relief, and three patients said that their lesions were completely gone within two days from the olive leaf extract treatment. All six patients said that this treatment helped them much better that any of the drugs they have used before, such as Zorvirax, Acyclovir and Valtrex. Before using any of the treatments listed above it is important to see a doctor in order to get the right dose and combination.
Dr. Cristine Buehler and Dr. Ken Languin conducted 479 clinical trials and developed a herpes treatment that helps unhide the virus from the nerve cells, boosts immune system and eliminates the symptoms and the root cause of the herpes simplex virus for good within three weeks. 27,442 people has already used Dr. Buehler’s herpes cure system which permanently eliminated the virus from their bodies. The system is suited for both men and women and has no age restrictions (it is also covered by a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee).

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