NatruCal Provides Women an Optimal Source of Calcium & Co-Factors for Improved Bone Density & Health

NatruCal: A Women’s Calcium Supplement for Optimal Bone Health & Density
NatruCal is a full-spectrum women’s calcium supplement that supports optimal bone health and desnity in women.

Women are more prone to developing broken bones and osteoporosis, as their bones tend to become weaker as they age. Because women tend to have smaller and weaker bone structure compared to men, its density also decreases leading to a higher risk of osteoporosis. Flucuations and changes in estorgen levels in one of the primary reasons women are more prone to bone denisty issues because of estrogens role in overall bone health and density. 

The primary ingredients within the NatruCal formulation are Eggshell Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, and HMR Lignans. The formulation was specifically designed to maximize the absorption, utilization and regulation of calcium within the female body. Providing women a complete and synergistic solution to improving bone health and density.

During the menopausal stages, women can lose up to 20% of her total bone density, thus, putting the bones at risk of breakage and increased brittleness. The content of HMR Lignans within NatruCal aids in modulating fluctuating estrogen levels, thus improve the utilization of Calcium throughout the body as well as directly contributes to improve bone mineral density.

The phytoestrogens present in this calcium supplement are known to assist in the estrogen regulation for improved bone health. Although there are many calcium supplements available in the market, many supplements put women at risk of adverse health conditions because they deliver dangerously high doseages of calcium. High calcium intake has been shown to lead to heart diseases, kidney stones, arterial problems, among many others. Nutracal works with no risks, because it only provides the right amount of calcium the body needs every day.

The Calcium content found in NatruCal is derived from the natural and highly bioavailable source of Eggsell Calcium. Eggshell calcium is is a form of Calcium carbonate but also contains naturally occuring levels of trace minerals such as Magnesium, Phsophorus, Zinc and Boron as well as protein-transporters. Another great benefit of Eggshell Calcium is its low heavy metal levels, alternative source of Calcium derived from algae and limestone are shown to contain extremely high level of heavy metals.

NatruCal is free of GMOs, Soy & Gluten and is manufactured in the US following the most rigid quality standards. NatruCal provides women a safe and effective calcium formulation for improving bone health by providing women a highly bioavailable source of calcium as well as its necssary co-factors.

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