On the 74 Trustpilot reviews submitted to date, Pricewise Insulation has scored exceptionally well.
Pricewise Insulation, a national supplier of insulation, is among many Australian businesses keen to let the public know that they’re the real deal and that they understand the importance of good customer service. While some might question the value of online reviews, businesses with a solid online presence know that a Truspilot review is a cut above the average. Negative reviews need to be taken seriously, and positive reviews from verified customers are worth their weight in gold.

The Trustpilot Review System

Customers who have ordered from Pricewise Insulation can select a “Star” rating ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. The worst possible rating is a 1 star rating which Trustpilot defines as “Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct”. From there it moves up towards 3 stars “Average – acceptable experience with some friction” and further on to the ultimate 5 star review, meaning “Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone”.

As a national insulation retailer, the staff at Pricewise Insulation deal daily from customers all over the country and from all walks of life. Generally though they all have something in common; they need advice on their home renovation project, or they simply want to order some insulation.

To date, over 74 insulation customers have volunteered to leave a review of this company on Trustpilot. Out of these:

• 70 customers voted a top score of 5

• 3 customers voted the next best score of 4

• 1 customer voted the lowest score of 1.

Interestingly, the three “4 star” customers all provided very positive comments alongside their reviews. The one very dissatisfied customer seemed to be as much a victim of bad luck as poor customer service, and Pricewise Insulation was swift to respond, demonstrating that the complaint had already been resolved.

A Little Customer Service Goes a Long Way

Pricewise Insulation doesn’t conceal the fact that it’s proud of its good record on customer service. Paul van Oord is director of the successful insulation company. “At the end of the day, it comes down to the frontline staff. We’ve always had a huge focus on customer service, to the extent that it has become a genuine culture within the business, and to see evidence like this is of course very rewarding for all of us. We don’t take our customers for granted, and we have a policy of making ourselves accountable for our mistakes. Everyone can make a mistake from time to time, and customers also appreciate when staff are honest and make a real effort to sort things out for them.”

About Pricewise Insulation

Pricewise Insulation specialises in supplying roof, ceiling and other types of insulation to commercial builders and DIY home builders and renovators. Brands they sell include Knauf Earthwool, Fletchers Pink Batts, Bradford Gold, Kingspan and Autex’s GreenStuf. Their head office is based in Melbourne, and they also sell insulation out of Sydney and numerous other cities and towns in Australia.

Media Contact
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Phone: 1300 729 639
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