Nanotech Engineering Inc Invents Worlds First Nanopanelâ„¢, A Solar Panel that is 92% efficient

Aurora, CO – 11 Oct, 2017 – Nanotech Engineering Inc is excited to announce that it has invented the World’s first “Nanopanel™, a solar panel using Graphene and a Carbon Nanotube Forest. “After we complete our Pre-IPO, our plans are to go public,” stated Sudhir Vidyarthi, one of the inventors, “We will be the only Solar Panel Company left as no one can compete with us.”

Nanotech Engineering Inc. believes the Nanopanel™ will replace today’s Solar Panels and gain massive new market share into areas of the world that would not normally use Solar. “The panel is so efficient consumers can get good performance even in cloudy climates”, stated Vidyarthi, “The national average cost for the traditional 5kw solar system is $16,400.00, our end cost will be between $5-$7000.00 for a 10kw system”. “We have solved the Solar problem,” stated Vidyarthi, “The average cost of solar is prohibitive at $3.26 a Watt average, our cost comes in at about .55 cents per Watt.”

Vidyarthi continued, “Universities have done many independent studies on Graphene as a photovoltaic, one of the components we use in our panel, MIT stated ““Graphene packs hundreds of times more power per weight than conventional solar cells” and ““Such panels (Graphene) surpass any substance other than reactor-grade uranium in terms of energy produced per pound of material.”. “Our panels are more powerful than Graphene alone” states Vidyarthi, we layer Graphene, and add a Carbon Nanotube Forest’, “We have Patent Protection on our panels, so no one else can use Graphene or Carbon Nanotubes in a Solar Panel”.

John Hart, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and art and design at the University of Michigan, says referring to Graphene, “This is an exciting new approach to designing solar cells, and moreover an impressive example of how complementary nanostructured materials can be engineered to create new energy devices.”

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