My Delaware Payday Is Excited About Revolutionizing The Short Term Credit Industry In the State Of Delaware

My Delaware Payday
My Delaware Payday — The Best Source For Short Term Credit

Short-term credit is typically used to meet an immediate but recurring expense. An example is payroll. If a company bills weekly and is paid two weeks later, there is a cash flow deficit. A short-term credit facility, also known as a line of credit, could be used to cover the payroll until the invoice is paid. When the payment is received, the line of credit is paid off until it is needed again. Another example of short-term credit is accounts receivable financing where you use the loan to purchase raw materials and finance the invoice when the product is shipped.

My Delaware Payday is the best source for short term credit in the state of Delaware.

The System is easy to work with it will take between five and ten minutes to complete the form. After that they have to validate the bank account info so that they don’t send the money to the wrong place, and so that they can confirm the pay date so that they don’t take money from the customer account on the wrong date. The next step is that the money will drop directly into the customer checking account where they can withdraw it using their bank card. This is much more convenient than cashing a check at the teller.

Paying back the loan is simple and easy. My Delaware Payday collect the funds from customers using ACH so the only concern is making sure that the funds are there on time. And if there’s going to be an issue with this, let the My Delaware Payday customer service know and they can easily reschedule the payment.

My Delaware Payday is known for:

No Surprise Charges:

One of the company values is being forthright and honest, which naturally means that they have no surprise charges in their contracts. Customers know what they are signing and that’s better for both parties.

Friendly Service:

My Delaware Payday is so friendly and easy to deal with. Customers have the feeling of talking to their own family, assuming they like dealing with own family.

My Delaware Payday Decides Quickly:

There’s nothing worse than the waiting period after filling out the application. Customers don’t want to apply elsewhere in case they are accepted, but they want to get the funds so you can take care of their issue. My Delaware Payday gets back to customers in fifteen minutes or less.

No Collateral:

This is an unsecured loan, which partially explains the interest rate. Because of this they will never ask for collateral, and customers should be wary of any payday lender who does.

Terms and Conditions:

My Delaware Payday has fair and sensible contracts that are designed to be easily read by any borrower.


Customers won’t be locked into a loan agreement that they don’t want. If they change their mind, for any reason at all, they can just contact My Delaware Payday and they will cancel it.

Complaint Procedure:

If customers have a complaint, they promise to deal with immediately and to the customer satisfaction. My Delaware Payday claims that they never had a complaint about their loans.

My Delaware Payday Lends Across Delaware in the counties of: Kent, New Castle and Sussex, and the major cities: Camden, Dover, Harrington, Clayton, Elsmere, Middletown, New Castle, Newark, Smyrna, Wilmington, Georgetown, Laurel, Milford, Millsboro, Seaford and other locations.  

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