launches DDoS Protected VPS services in Germany and France

A reliable hosting service can be a hard thing to locate in many cases. There are an intricate amount of details that are involved throughout the entire process, and to successfully ensure that one’s client is being provided with the most optimum and reliable services, a level of competence and professionalism is a must, however, it is often disregarded by many.

Luckily, there are still companies that are dedicated to ensuring that this standard of professionalism is upheld. is one such company. They provide a number of cheap VPS servers that are also superior in quality. Their servers are located in a wide array of locations around the world, giving their customers a lot of versatility in their choices. Additionally, the prices and the quality of all these servers is the same.

Another quality of theirs that is quite liked by their customers is the fact that their delivery is instant. Their VPS servers are always delivered within 5 minutes. They also believe quite firmly in providing the most excellent security, and adhere to the highest standards of the GDPR for all of their customers, worldwide.

They provide a number of different packages, and their pricing is also quite versatile and flexible, thus people can purchase the package that best suits their needs. Many customers have stated how their constant customer support was one of the reasons that they have stuck by for many years.

They believe in constantly improving and setting new standards, and this is why they have launched DDOS Protected VPS Services in Germany and France. Both of these countries will be provided with amazing VPS services, which ensure that their websites won’t become victim to this common technique that is used nowadays.

MVPS has not only ensured that they keep their customers and clients safe from the many different DDOS attacks that have plagued the internet nowadays but have also given them the guidance and support they needed at various stages.

About Us

MVPS is a European company which aims to offer high-quality web hosting services by using high-performance hardware and the guarantee of a competitive pricing structure.

Launched with the desire to offer complete and reliable VPS solutions, they will ensure the security and performance required for growing one’s business. Their team consists of highly-trained professionals and their aim is to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of their customers. For more information:

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