Mutual Materials starts production of the New Look and Design of Cornerstone Retaining Wall 100 Series Blocks

Offering the most aesthetic, durable and eco-friendly retaining walls is the passion of Mutual Materials and CornerStone Wall Solutions. Mutual Materials, the largest supplier of masonry and hardscape landscaping products in the Pacific Northwest, will now produce the latest shapes and design of the CornerStone 100 retaining wall block series.

With over 14 locations and over 100 sales distributors across Washington and Oregon states, Mutual Materials is a licensee of the CornerStone 100 retaining wall block sreies. The company has enjoyed over 20 years of successful production partnership with CornerStone wall solutions inc. and the further strengthening of this partnership will produce a new, sleek shape that is great for pallet stability, shipping of the product and of course installation.

The CornerStone 100 retaining wall block series are mutual materials most popular product, matching its mission to create simple, strong and beautiful retaining walls. The product finds use in a wide range of applications, including residential landscape or large commercial spaces. The new retaining wall shape also requires less manpower for installation, transportation and production. The no pins, connectors or lips approach to the cornerstone 100 retaining wall block has provided contractors with the simplest wall system to install on the market today.

We want to show the landscape construction community that a refreshed approach to our retaining wall systems are important. Keeping up with new designs, technologies and styles are very important to Mutual Materials. We are very excited to be introducing the new near vertical cornerstone retaining wall block shape, it was a simple decision for our company and brand culture,” says Brian Healow, Director of Marketing and Sales, Mutual Materials.

We couldn’t be happier to have Mutual Materials producing our latest cornerstone 100 retaining wall series block shape. Keeping up to date with trends and styles opens is very important to Cornerstone Wall Solutions inc. With the latest shape being produced in Washington and Oregon States is should open all sorts of opportunities between our two companies,” says Alain Michaud, Vice President, CornerStone Wall Solutions Inc.

CornerStone 100 retaining wall blocks carry several features that make them the preferred choice of customers. The hollow core design reduces efflorescence and costly pigments, requires less concrete for manufacturing, and remains weather resistant and durable due to high compression and low-absorption concrete. The blocks are light and reduce costs and a wide range of design options, from curves, top of wall details to in-wall lighting and a weathered rock appearance.

For over 20 years CornerStone has led the way in developing effective retaining walls that make for beautiful spaces with simplicity. The company’s products continue to evolve further with new designs and systems to cater to both simple and intricately complex designs.

Founded in 1900, Mutual Materials is the company whose bricks literally rebuilt Seattle. Its products, in the masonry and hardscape categories, continue to serve customers with eco-friendly features for green buildings and great outdoor living spaces.

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