Multitool for Camping & Hiking Also Good Around the Home Reveals Amazon Reviewers

Cerberuso 14 in 1 Multitool with New Sturdy Case Gets 85% 5 Stars Reviews from Customers

In a statement today by Multitool manufacturer Cerberuso they announced how pleased they are to the customer reaction to their 14 in 1 Multitool with a new sturdy case design. The company’s Multitool which retails at a lower price than rivals has received favourable comparisons to its competitors such as the Leatherman and Gerber Multitool and currently holds a 85% 5 stars rating from customers on the Amazon retail platform.

A spokesperson for Cerberuso commented, “We are extremely pleased that customers who have bought our Multitool are finding that it is a sturdy robust tool that is providing great benefit to them. With the summer camping and hiking season upon us, the Multitool is an essential part of gear for anyone planning activities in the great outdoors. We have also found that people are finding great uses for the Multitool around the home, for the car and we also see hunters and survivalist buying the Multitool.

The Cerberuso Multitool is a robust stainless steel Multitool with 14 separate elements to include wire cutters, wire strippers, spring loaded nose pliers, serrated edge knife, long blade, short blade, bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdrivers in 3 sizes, Phillips screwdriver and file. The compact device is the perfect companion for anyone pursuing the outdoor experience and can easily cope with any task that would normally need a heavy bag of equivalent tools. Whilst a mainstay essential for many tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers and painters, the carrying weight of 9 ounces means that when its time to relax and enjoy the outdoors, the Cerberuso Multitool is the ideal travelling companion to ensure a trouble free outdoor experience.

The spokesperson continued, “We recently added a new carrying case to our offering on Amazon. This new sturdy case was in response to customer requests and now makes our robust product even easier to carry with you wherever you go, around the home, or into the woods!”

Here are a few selected comments on Amazon by customers. To see all reviews visit

This is not your average cheap multi-tool – this is a heavy-duty, well-built, solid multi-tool! Unlike the pictures the one I received has a nice black finish to it, making it look even more impressive (see pictures)! There are a lot of useful tools on this device, including a pliers, knife, wire cutter, and screw driver. One thing I really like about this tool is when you pivot out one of the tools it locks into place and doesn’t move around until you press the release on the inner part of the tool (see picture for release). This is always a common issue with the cheap ones out there, making the tools difficult to work with. This also comes with a very nice pouch to store it in which can be attached to a work belt if you so choose. I am very please with this mutli-tool, and it is by far my favorite one to date! It is very well built and very high quality. With a lifetime warranty to boot it should have everything you’re looking for!”


“I used it this past weekend camping and fishing. It turned out to be very useful. Used pliers for removing fish hooks from bass also for applying weights and long extension for removing hooks deep in gullet of fish I wanted to put back without to much trauma. On the camping side I used the can opener, screw drivers and knife. It was sharp and held its edge after multiple uses.
The all steel construction made it easy to clean This Multitool is as good as any I’ve had, it’s high quality and feels solid while using. The best part is that all tools safely LOCK in place and are easy to unlock!!”


This Cerberuso Multitool is nicer than my Leatherman that cost me $60″


The Cerberuso Multitool is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time it may be able to purchase the Cerberuso Multitool at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price)


Cerberuso is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the Cerberuso Multitool with Carrying Case. The Multitool is available exclusively to purchase at Amazon USA. For more information you can also visit their website at


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