Effort Supports Environmental and Political Right Action

An aggressive web-based initiative to influence positive decisions by global decision makers though the focused prayers of many individuals has been launched at The initiative is the effort of United Divine Intentions (UDI), a non-profit group founded by spiritual activist Kathleen Lockwood.

The initiative, which is committed to the science of “subtle activism”, invites all who wish to participate to download from the website a free short prayer of the faith of their choosing and pray at least daily. Prayer versions for individuals of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Ho’oponopono, and Interfaith denominations are available on the site in downloadable MP3 and PDF formats.

“Earth Day is a particularly fitting time to initiate this effort,” said Lockwood. “The prayer focuses intentions towards healing the hearts of those who make critical decisions, to support and manifest right action in their decisions regarding environmental, financial, and political issues. These decision makers control the outcomes of issues such as the Coal Ash Action Plan in North Carolina and the Keystone XL Pipeline — the crucial decisions that affect society and the planet.”

Grounded in social and spiritual responsibility, UDI is conceived as an ongoing effort. “This prayer was written based on the scientific and spiritual concepts of prayer and intention including the five-step prayer affirmation practice presented by Ernest Holmes in ‘The Science of Mind.’ When we continually concentrate and transform our own hearts through the practice of prayer, we can transform the world,” said Lockwood.

Although the global prayer website has been in development since late last year, Lockwood said that UDI has launched with an intensified effort to focus on key decision makers after a report issued by Oxfam in January 2014 identified that only 85 people control the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population.

“We are particularly focused on political leaders and these ‘Golden 85’,” said Lockwood. “They are the world’s leaders and corporate giants, and among the many decision makers whose hearts we touch. We believe that when we join together to influence these people with the light of our prayers and intentions, love fills their hearts, minds and souls with Divine wisdom and compassion. Living and manifesting this gift, their influence and actions will deliver a world of peace, prosperity and environmental sustainability.”

Lockwood noted that prayer is a key factor in focused consciousness and that scientific, psychological and spiritual researchers continue to expand knowledge and awareness of the phenomena of global consciousness transformation and its potential long-term beneficial changes. Other initiatives such as Lynne McTaggert’s Intention Experiment ( seek to provide measured positive results; and scientific organizations including the Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy ( and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) (, co-founded by former astronaut Edgar J. Mitchell, are working to prove that these changes begin with the individual but grow into powerful activist efforts with community involvement and the focused thoughts of many.


United Divine Intentions (UDI) is a non-profit organization solely committed to positive change through communal prayer. Employing the “subtle activism” of many individuals united in prayer, UDI invites any who wish to participate to download a free prayer from its website at The prayer is provided in appropriate versions for Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Ho’oponopono, and Interfaith denominations in downloadable MP3 and PDF formats. Participants are encouraged to pray at least daily to influence right actions and support those who make the critical decisions regarding environmental, financial, and political issues that affect society and the planet. UDI is based in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. For more information, contact Kathleen Lockwood at or go to

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