Now Available in Stock on Amazon, This Book is The Ultimate Philosophical Guide to Subjects Like Physical Fitness, Healing & Superior Diet For Everyone

Jul 4, 2018 – Mucus-free Life LLC has proudly announced the release of an all-new and inspiring book for the health, fitness and healing industries by Prof. Arnold Ehret. The book is titled ‘Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Physical Fitness Thru a Superior Diet’ and it is now available in stock on Amazon. The book covers many important health and fitness subjects such as fasting, dietetics, healing, and exercise. Moreover, it also explores a religious concept of physical, spiritual, and mental dietetics.

“This one of a kind book contains works by Arnold Ehret that were previously out-of-print as well as some of Ehret’s most electrifying philosophical statements” said Prof. Spira, the founder of Mucus-Free Life LLC, when introducing the book. “This edition includes the revealing ‘Biographical Sketch of Arnold Ehret by B.W. Child,’ as well as the exercises that Ehret taught.” he added. This is Mucus-free Life LLC’s sixth book release and is edited and published by Prof. Spira, who is one of the top experts on the Mucusless Diet and Arnold Ehret.

In addition, the book is already creating a major buzz on Amazon and is receiving a phenomenal response from health and fitness enthusiasts and experts from around the world. Moreover, it includes articles by Prof. Arnold Ehret, who is known worldwide as the originator of the Mucusless Diet Healing System, which has been identified as one of the first diets that helped health-seekers transition to a plant-based, vegan diet and lifestyle. Ehret’s unique Physical Fitness book philosophically explores humanity’s potential to manifest paradise on Earth through mucus-free living, rational fasting, and physical fitness.

“Ehret’s message of hope for humanity is needed today more than ever because humans are destroying themselves and the Earth on an unprecedented level,” said Prof. Spira in the introduction of this book. Spira also shares his thoughts on Ehret’s viewpoint that a mucus-laden diet renders humanity un-empathetic and impotent. This book will challenge and change the world perspective for many and inspire a new generation to understand some of the most common and basic health issues from the lens of Ehret’s plant-based philosophy.

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