May 15, 2018 – Mortinus Wirenfeldt, widely known as Mortinus is announcing the release of his latest body of musical work, his self-titled new album ‘Mortinus’.

Mortinus is a new age Electronic Musician with a sound that transcends culture boundaries and is world acclaimed, as can be seen on all musical platforms that play host to his music. His latest body of work and his first album is an expression of musical artistry with intricate sound detail that even the most sensitive music lover would appreciate. ‘Mortinus’ the album, is an Electronic Music album with a world music sound. Mortinus recorded ‘Mortinus’ in his studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, from where he has released all of his works so far, over a period of time as he made sure to pay attention to detail and incorporate a world music sound that can be heard on every track of the album.

The album is a follow up to his latest EP “Orbit” and contains tracks that are really tied together by consistent sound and sample choices. Mortinushas been known for his knack for experimental sample choices and sound designs, and these two come together to make ‘Mortinus’ the album worthwhile.

‘Mortinus’ the album is available on all digital platforms and is targeted at indie rock lovers, electronic music lovers, traditional sound lovers, and all lovers of great, undiluted sound.

Mortinus has high hopes for the success of this album. He said “This album is as relaxing as it is exhilarating. It is balanced and listeners will like it.”

Fans are encouraged to interact with Mortinus and learn more about what inspires his music via his Twitter page.

To get more information, contact the artist via his social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook, as well as Twitter.

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