Moroccan Food Tour showing Morocco to the world through food tours

Moroccan food tour agency, Moroccan Food Tour, bringing Morocco to the world with exciting food experiences and gourmet days in 5 cities

Moroccan Food Tour is a tour agency established in Morocco to provide great food experiences, food tours, cooking classes, and gourmet days in 5 different cities with an explanation plan. The company shows the Moroccan culture to the world through the nation’s exciting, diverse, and rich food heritage, allowing travelers and tourists to see the country from a whole new level.

Morocco remains one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, with the country’s rich history, heritage, and beautiful culture attracting millions of people from different parts of the world to the North African nation. However, while the country remains famous for its rich history and gastronomy, not too many tour companies have been able to share the nation’s culture to the world through diversity and richness of its food. This is where Moroccan Food Tour is making a difference by offering travelers the opportunity to discover the nation through its culinary art and heritage.

The food tour agency was founded by two licensed tour guides who are not only passionate about foods but also want to show the world the best of the Moroccan Hospitality. Services offered by the Moroccan Food Tour include cooking classes, food tours, food trips, and gourmet days in 5 different cities, with each of the services available in English and French.

In addition to the exciting culinary adventure, the tour guides also introduce travelers to the history, architecture, culture, and traditions of Morocco and its imperial cities, helping them to understand the Moroccan taste culture better. The tours are presently available in Rabat, Fez, Casablanca, Chefchaouen, and Marrakech, which are the ancestral cities of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Moroccan Food Tour is offering a unique yet affordable local experience Morocco to travelers, with tours starting from as low as €35.

More information about Moroccan Food Tour and the services offered can be found on the website.

The food tour agency is also available across different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Moroccan Food Tour

Moroccan Food Tour is a food tour agency established in Morocco. Founded by two licensed tour guides, Moroccan Food Tour was inspired by the American Concept of food tours, with the aim of delighting and encouraging travelers to consume products rather artisanal and local, tasty, healthy and respectful of the environment.

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