More Companies Benefit From Reduced Costs In Data Storage Solutions From Liquid Data Systems

Liquid Data Systems has proven the benefits it brings to companies today in regard to Azure cloud service solutions as well as Office 365 email archiving, cloud business intelligence services, and more. But one premier advantage for companies is reduced expenses for data storage by as much as 87 percent.

UNITED STATES – Microsoft Azure cloud solutions have increasingly become popular with numerous businesses wanting to have enhanced efficiency in data management, archiving, and more. With the software, companies can easily shift all their data to the cloud as well as benefit from hybrid cloud storage solutions that are second to none.

Liquid Data Systems is one specialist in Azure services, and it has assisted many companies in their transition to the cloud. According to Liquid Data Systems, businesses can acquire a good number of benefits when they take advantage of Azure cloud solutions such as Azure archive storage. With the platform, companies can effectively safeguard their data against ransomware, malware, and more, enhancing their assets’ security at all times. Additionally, with Azure-based services, businesses can easily offload their main storage, which allows them to defer or avoid buying more storage. Azure archiving also lets firms simplify as well as augment their disaster recovery and backup systems, and it helps them streamline their investigation and litigation processes and scenarios.

Businesses which opt for Azure services can also be sure that they satisfy any compliance or legal requirements set forth by authorities for the proper retention of data. With Liquid Data Systems’ premier assistance, companies can quickly and seamlessly move their inactive or even low-touch data to the cloud, thereby freeing up space in their storage environments. The solution is incredibly low-cost as well – Liquid Data Systems confirms that companies which choose Azure solutions for cloud storage can save on their storage expenses and costs by as much as 87%.

Many companies have already been able to transform their data storage processes and streamlined their data with the help of Liquid Data Systems. Liquid Data Systems not only offers cloud discovery with a search process which is fully managed – it also provides customers with enhanced security in data access through data classification, strong and robust encryption, the synchronization of access rights, and easy recovery of files from ransomware. What’s more, Liquid Data Systems offers a pay-as-you-go model for pricing, where clients don’t have to pay start-up or set-up costs, and they pay only for what they use.

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Liquid Data Systems is an expert when it comes to Azure services such as email archiving solutions, Azure archive storage, and Azure data storage. To get more information about Azure data storage and other hybrid cloud storage services, visit Liquid Data Systems.

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