Monspace Multinational Corp hosted awareness campaign for organ donation at Bukit Jalil

Monspace Multinational Corp has hosted an awareness campaign for organ donation at the headquarter at Bukit Jalil. Purpose is to encourage organ donation, so patients who need it can have a second chance at life.

The National Transplant Resource Centre categories organ donors into two groups: those who died by definition of having stopped breathing can only donate their skin, bones, and cornea. While those who suffer from brain death and are on life support can donate most of their organs.

But awareness about organ donation is still low in Malaysia. The National Transplant Resource Centre’s statistics from 2017 show that there are only 383,173 registered donors in Malaysia, making up just 1.1% of the population. There are 21,513 people waiting to receive kidney transplants. In terms of racial composition, there are 156, 217 Chinese, 116,415 Malays, and 87,658 Indians. Clearly, there is a dire need to educate the public and raise awareness about the issue.

This is especially relevant after the death of 20 year old Malaysian Lim Chi Ling, who suffered from acute liver failure. He was unable to wait for his turn on the waiting list of organ recipients, and Malaysia does not allow live donors. The deceased was forced to seek treatment in Singapore, but unfortunately passed on before he had time to raise the medical funds.

All of these show that organ donation is often the only option available to many who are fighting to live on. Due to the shortage of supply, many patients and their family wait in agony, in hopes for a transplant before death takes them away.

“As an organ donor myself, I want to encourage the people to seriously consider registering as a donor, and giving others another chance to live. What better way to leave a legacy?” said Dato Sri Jessy Lai.

Other attendees present at the awareness event include the medical team from the National Transplant Resource Centre.

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