Monor24 hour Towing launch car detailing service in Los Angeles

Monor24 hour towing, one of the leading towing services in Los Angeles has announced the launch of their Car detailing service. This service focuses on thorough cleaning, polishing, and waxing of the car, both interior and exterior. Most of the customers use this service when they’re going to sell their car and have to show it to the potential customers. This service can be used by anyone though, who is looking to reinvent the looks of their car and give it a brand new appearance.

Monor Towing’s Car detailing service includes cleaning and polishing of the paint, wheels, windows, chrome, trim, tires etc to ensure that the exterior becomes cleaner and more resilient to wear and tear. The company has curated the best products to offer best in class car detailing service using specialist detergents, clothes, waxes etc.  It also uses mechanical polish to make high-quality correction process that removes any swirls or fine scratches.

Car detailing service by Monor Towing includes using clay to clean up dirt, tar, and bugs from the clear coat which often doesn’t go off with weekly washing. This process includes moving the clay across the vehicle so that all the grime and dirt sticks to it, leaving the car smooth and clean. Another important aspect of car detailing is waxing the car, for adding a protective layer to the car and giving it a smooth finish.

The company also focuses on interior detailing that involves cleaning the dashboard, seats, panels, and windows. This process also includes fine cleaning using brushes, cotton buds, and upholstery cleaners. The customers can also ask for the engine detailing service to clean up the bonnet using detergents &degreasers. The company uses only the trusted and most effective products for car detailing.

Monor 24 hour towing popular for its 24/7 towing services in the area and now it’s car detailing service is much sought after by the customers too. Being a trustable towing service and roadside assistance provider in the area, the company aims to match up to its name with the car detailing service as well. The expert company professionals and staff strive to give a brand new appearance to the car by leaving the paint with glass smooth finish and the leather with matte finish. The company also tries its best to offer value for money service to their customers.

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