Molecular ‘Tweezers’ Might Be The Answer to Degenerative Diseases Like Alzheimer’s

April 7, 2014. California, USA. A research team in California, along with about 20 collaborators around the world, believe they have found a drug that may help to prevent or cure over 30 devastating diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The potentially life-saving experimental drug has already shown improvement in seven (7) different disease models with no known side effects.

This experimental ‘Molecular Tweezer” Treatment is the first of its kind and targets degenerative diseases. Pre-clinical research to date is very promising. This pre-clinical research has shown that the unique ‘molecular tweezer’ drug may benefit those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Lou Gehrig’s, type-2 diabetes, and many other diseases and conditions. The ‘molecular tweezers’ work in an entirely different way from any drug developed before. The California-based dedicated team of scientists behind the discovery is being led by Gal Bitan, Ph.D., an Associate professor at UCLA.

With 15 years of experience in studying degenerative diseases. Dr. Bitan is leading a team of researchers in what may be a breakthrough treatment for many common degenerative diseases. This promising experimental drug is poised to take the next step and move into move to clinical trials (and FDA approval); but first they need your help. The preliminary research has been funded by both foundation and government grants supporting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS research. They need the public’s help to gather the significant infusion of funds necessary to initiate clinical trials. Without these trials the drug can never reach the market. That is why the new crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo is so critical for this research to be a success.

There are 30 diseases (and many additional conditions) that may benefit from this research. This new experimental drug could wind up helping millions of families. Small and large donations are gratefully accepted and Dr. Bitan’s team wants you to know that every little bit helps. “We are asking for your money so that we can work even harder to find a cure that will benefit all of humanity.” Perks are also waiting for everyone donating! As their campaign states, if everyone impacted in some way by these diseases donates just one dollar, the project could move forward quickly towards the essential next step of clinical trials. The faster trials are in place the faster they can get scientific evidence to support FDA approval. Even if you can’t donate — just take a minute and share the links or tell someone over coffee about the drug and the campaign. The more people involved early, the better the chances of this potentially life-enhancing research helping you or someone you love. For more information on the ‘tweezers’ and how it may be able to help many degenerative diseases/conditions share the links below:

“Molecular Tweezers” Indiegogo funding campaign

Scientific publications (Dr. Bitan’s website)

More information on the 30 diseases and conditions and how it may help Parkinson’s.

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