Mojo Creations Globally Launches Its First Product “The Pebblestone” Through Kickstarter

Amsterdam, Start-up Mojo Creations launched the first tactile designer fitness tool with technical features for training the soul with the aim of enhancing contentment and joy at a personal and global level.

It is scientifically recognized that the mind is very powerful and controls the way people view themselves, their perceptions of the world and their feelings. Training the ‘mental muscles’ for an average of 10 weeks whilst fully aware can change people’s habits and feelings, making them more resilient, grateful, content, trusting, sensitive, secure, energetic and compassionate.

The Pebblestone

The first product to help transform people’s lives is the Pebblestone. This tactile designer tool trains gratitude, the powerful emotion contentment and joy are based on. The Pebblestone helps to count the daily blessings and increase overall awareness in order to experience a higher level of gratitude, contentment and joy. 

The Pebblestone was inspired by The Science of Gratitude. Recently, scientistshave begun to conduct research aimed at understanding the importance of gratitude and the findings are impressive. People who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:

●   stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure

●   higher levels of positive emotions

●   more joy, optimism and contentment

●   more generosity and compassion

●   less perceived loneliness and isolation

What makes the Pebblestone so special is that Mojo Creations has enriched it with technical, but simple coaching incentives to help people solidify the habit of practicing gratitude. It requires them to perform a small mindful ritual each time they wish to count a blessing. Next it helps them coach themselves by making their gratitude practice measurable as the gathered blessings are shown on the docking station’s display. The Pebblestone tracks their gratitude practice within a 10-week timeframe providing feedback on their performance.

Share the Magic

Mojo Creations believes there is a genuine shift in thinking underway and a need to look differently at what enriches people’s lives. Personal development, creativity, a sense of purpose in life and above all giving and receiving love are the essence of contentment and joy, and lead to true riches. Mojo Creations uses technology in its tactile to facilitate awareness coaching. But Mojo is not about technology, it is about people and real contact, not apps. Check out the Kickstarter here

Mojo Creations develops tactile designer fitness tools with technical features to train the soul. Training the ‘mental muscles’ whilst fully aware allows an overall feeling of contentment and joy to be achieved. Its first product, the Pebblestone, trains gratitude, the powerful emotion that contentment and joy are based on.

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