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17 September. The world of the tech blog is a crowded one. With seemingly an infinite number of sources to go to, it can be confusing and overwhelming task to simple find the most reliable source out there for some of the simplest answers.

Want to know how to do something as simple as set an alarm on your new iPhone? Need to update your Android device to the next version? Are you just wanting to find a nice, easy-paced free game for your upcoming road trip?

Everyone has an opinion. Every website has an opinion. How are you supposed to know who to believe, who to dismiss, and what you can trust in a sea of often misleading information?

The easy answer is

The staff at are some of the friendliest and honest you will find in regards to the wealth of knowledge that can seemingly bowl you over with even the simplest Google search. Those questions you have, the ones that seem silly or pedantic, no matter the device or where they come from or what about, are the questions that are looking to answer. Website administrator and owner Rahul Raj and his helpful staff are looking to be a one-stop place for your needs concerning your favorite device. has an ever growing base of information throughout its archives, giving merit to its boasting of being “A Smartphone Encyclopedia” and a place that you can depend on the information you read to be accurate and true. While reviews are written from the personal experiences of its staff writers when covering applications or devices, prides itself on bringing you the information you need without a biased slant. Reliable is the focus and reliable information is what you will find when you visit this island of information amongst a sea of misleading and confusing opinion.

With interesting content to keep you engaged and a staff that is able to get that information to you quickly and reliably, you will be hard pressed to find something on that doesn’t pertain to you and your needs as a mobile user.

Because let’s face it.

Our worlds revolve around the device that seems to never be far from reach. Many of run our lives from these phones. Personal schedules, professional businesses, calendars and our social lives, all of those things are there in our hands. Our active lives and the silly things, and serious things, we love, they’re all there, ready to be used and changed and laughed at and with. Would you not want the best source of knowledge at your disposal to help you accomplish these daily tasks with ease?

Love Mobile Games? regularly publishes a list of the best free games out there, many of which are free for only a short time before returning to full price. Miss out on that commonly found article and you miss your change to save some money and end up losing a whole lot of fun.

Up to the minute information on the newest devices. finds the best and newest out there, and some that aren’t even released yet, and gives you the rundown on what to expect when they make it to your hands. Android lover? This is the place for you. Apple fanboy? You will not do better for the latest round of information about the newest, the biggest, the smallest, and the fastest devices you’ll ever find anytime they come available.

Confused about whether this free app is better than the next?

The bevy of free applications out there, both games and utility, is staggering. Many, if not most, are broken or ad-ridden, or sometimes worst. How else are you supposed to know the best for you? Forums can be unreliable and spotty on information and many tech blogs and sites simply suck up to the companies and developers that they’re pandering to, something you’ll never find on Good or bad, no matter which, the information you find there will always be the truth.

The best tips and tricks you’ll find anywhere!

The staff and researchers at love to go deep with their devices, finding the best workarounds, shortcuts, and all-around best tricks that will help you and your interaction with your smartphone be all the smoother and faster. From the simplest shortcuts to advice on rooting and modding, you’ll find there in the depth of’s extensive archives. And if you can’t find it there? A quick question to helpful website administrator, Rahul Raj, will get you on the right track to finding what you need. Some of the most tech savvy people you’ll find support this great website and they’re always happy to help you in any way they can.

You can find information anywhere. Information that is tilted and biased and full of misleading links and advertisements trying to steal you away in a thousand different directions. “Articles” that consist of barely a paragraph of personal opinion on a feature you honestly love. This is not how works. With some of the sharpest in the industry working hands-on with the products that help keep out lives in order and in check, even the giants have to recognize sometimes that their product just isn’t cutting it. We rely on these devices and applications and how they run affects us greatly.

Don’t short sell yourself. Follow your gut and follow your intuition to and come see just why this website is growing by leaps and bounds. See that this self-styled “Smartphone Encyclopedia” holds that title for reasons more than just placing it on their banner. The free exchange of information lives on here and you, and everyone else, is welcome to come and participate. is waiting for you and we know you’re going to be back for all your Android and Apple device needs. Because what better place to look for knowledge than the encyclopedia?

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