Mobile Coupons Guaranteed Better Redeemed Rate with Parallel 6 Captive Reach Mobile Technology for Grocery and Retail

To address the need for redeeming mobile coupons, Parallel 6 has created Captive Reach Enterprise Mobile Technology Platform 10.3.0 for Grocery and Retail. The platform is complete with features such as geolocation, push notifications, and customized grocery lists which offers grocery and retail businesses a mobile strategy to increase mobile coupon redemption, increase customer retention and increase customer loyalty.

US mobile coupon users will increase to over 50 million by 2014 because more and more people are utilizing smartphones. To anticipate the vantage of redeeming mobile coupons, Parallel 6, an enterprise mobile technology company, has created Captive Reach Enterprise Mobile Technology Platform 10.3.0 for Grocery and Retail. The platform prepares grocery and retail businesses with a mobile strategy to increase mobile coupon redemption and capture the attention of its users to turn them into loyal customers.

Captive Reach’s geolocation feature alerts customers when they walk on-site, sharing special offers and promotions specific to their brand. Imagine five of those coupon items aren’t already on the customer’s grocery list, but the mobile coupons have enticed them enough to purchase. Customers find those five items that they originally thought they didn’t want to buy, but actually do want to buy. They put those items into their basket for checkout. And instead of fumbling through paper-clipped coupons, the platform’s ability to integrate into the brand’s customer loyalty program allows the customer to easily scan their mobile phone at checkout or click on “redeem now” before they even get to the line.

“A lot of households don’t even bother sorting through their stacks of grocery store coupons stuffed into their mailboxes. But how easy and efficient would it be to see, shop, and redeem those coupons through a mobile device?” asks David Turner, CEO and President of Parallel 6. “We’ve designed Captive Reach with both the customer and the brand in mind. Customers get a much better shopping experience, knowing their grocery deals are easily accessible through the mobile app. In turn, powerful Market Basket and Loyalty Based insights track the effectiveness of a brand’s coupons so they truly understand the ratio between viewed and redeemed coupons to ultimately increase and optimize revenue for the store.”

Grocery and retail businesses that utilize the mobile technology of Captive Reach have the ability to reach their loyal customers and create new ones through the power of their mobile device. User-friendly features such as customized grocery lists created directly through the app helps increase profitability store-by-store. In addition, leveraging push alerts can influence consumers when they are on or near-site, thus transitioning a cherry picker (a customer who chooses a grocery store based upon enticing deals) into a consistent loyal customer, all the while increasing the market basket size at checkout.

Mobile apps backed by Captive Reach for Grocery and Retail can also be easily programed with the brand’s backend system to integrate into loyalty, pricing, promotion, markdown and coupon systems as well as sync with customer reward programs and other incentive options.

About Parallel 6:
Parallel 6, a creative enterprise mobile technology company, is the creator of Captive Reach, an all-encompassing enterprise mobile platform. Captive Reach influences consumer behavior, enhances brand recognition and builds strong client-customer relationships. With mcommerce, geo-located content management, pocket insights, gamification, image recognition, and augmented reality, Captive Reach is the mobile strategy that allows brands to engage and activate their best consumers through the palm of their hand. Parallel 6 serves a wide array of B2B and B2C companies including retailers, daily deal companies, hotels, e-commerce, publishers and professional service firms around the globe. The firm is based in San Diego with development offices in Mexico, Ukraine, and China. For more information, visit

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