MLB Opening Day Fires Starting Gun for That Summer Body Fitness Regime

Spring Marks the Start of the Race to Shake Off Those Winter Pounds Claims Waist Trimmer Belt Manufacturer

Opening Day for Major league Baseball is on April 4th 2016 and for many people it’s also a starter gun signal that Spring is in the air and it is time to start shaking off those winter pounds and get fit and in shape for the summer to come. It can be a long tedious process losing the pounds and toning the body, so it comes as no surprise that any additional help that can be provided as you sweat off the inches will be greeted with more than just interest by those wanting to gain maximum benefit for their workout experience.

Fitness support manufacturer EzyFits Adjustable Waist Trimmer is an exercise aid that is certainly getting its users all ‘hot and bothered’ as the belt, nicknamed, ‘a mobile sauna for your waist’ is proving to be effective and liked by those who have tried it.

The waist trimmer belt is a long, wide belt of Neoprene that fits around the tummy to help support posture whilst exercising. While holding your posture, the belt also acts as a heat trap using your own body’s metabolism to create the ‘sauna’ effect, helping the user to metabolise fat back in sugars that are then burnt off during the workout and so speeding up the desired results.

The eight inch wide belt is wrapped firmly around the waist and held in place by a strong Velcro fastening strip and is designed to fit all waist sizes up to and including 46 inches. The lightweight neoprene material once fitted in place will quietly go to work trapping your own internal body heat to work in your favor, allowing you to go about your daily routine, walk or workout whilst the belt does its job.

Spokesperson Jessica Shawe explained, “As our name suggests, we are a company that is all about making things easier for people. Especially those people who are looking to gain extra benefits from the work they put in themselves. The waist trimmer belt is easy to fit and once on, it makes the work of losing those inches a simpler, easier, more rewarding experience. There is a principle called Occums Razor that suggests that it is often the simplest solution to a problem that is most likely the best and so it is with our Waist Belt Trimmer. On the face of it, the idea is a simple application but as you can see from our customers, when it works, simple is the best solution.”

Here is what some Customers are saying about the EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer:

“I ordered this for my daughter in law who had a baby in May and is left with the little tummy blubber. It has really made a difference. She has dropped 3 inches in less than a month and that is something to celebrate since it is only in that one area. The sellers call it a “mobile sauna for your waist” and that is certainly true. It really makes her sweat around her belly. I am sure some of the weight she has lost is water weight BUT the fact still remains that she has lost 3 inches around her waist and that is very good.”
L.C. on November 8, 2015

“This has to be one of my favorite Waist Trimmer Belt’s I have tried. This belt has a very simple design yet a stylish look with the EzyFit logo on the front of it.”
M&B on November 7, 2015

“I definitely see how much toner my stomach is when working out with the belt and makes me feel so much more confident and happier with my results.”
 – KIM G on November 7, 2015

” I’ve noticed that I walk with much better posture when I have it on. I stand taller and I feel skinnier. I recommend this for you if you’re looking for a comfortable waist trimmer and just want to shed a couple of inches off your waist.”
 – C.K. on July 23, 2015

This is a really good belt and it fits around my waist really well. It stays in place while I work out. I got this belt because I was trying to trim some excess weight around my stomach and it has been working. I have been getting a lot of sweat, around that area while I work out and I have started to see results after a few days of using it. The quality of the belt is great and it is not cheap quality at all. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who is trying to lose weight in the waist area.
 – A. on March 13th 2016

The EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited period the waist belt trimmer may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price).


EzyFit are manufacturer and distributor for the EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer. The product may be found for sale exclusively on Amazon USA.

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