Mission Hell Video Game Offers Supporters A Chance to Time Travel Back to the 90’s

As one of the most promising indie video games in recent years, Mission Hell has evoked enormous interest from the gaming community and investors eager to earn a large return on their investment. This exciting new side-scrolling platformer game will revolutionize the indie scene for years to come with its revolutionary new take on co-operative game-play: one that involves more competition than cooperating. Visually stunning and thematically intriguing, Mission Hell might just be the first World War II platformer game.

In addition to a number of modernizing features like a non-linear storyline, RPG style leveling up, and its fascinating re-envisioned World War II/science fiction universe, Mission Hell’s main selling point seems to be its new take on the 2-player platformer that we remember from our childhood. Mission Hell forces players to take a different approach to teamwork – one in which you are forced into siding with your enemy in order to take on a greater evil. But just because you work together doesn’t mean you have to like each other. The two players progress through the circles of Hell, fighting off swarms of monsters from our nightmares and finding lost biblical treasures on this Castlevania-style adventure. Along the way they can either come to the other player’s aid, or make life very difficult for them. The leveling-up system has many incentives in favour of individualism — making it easier to customize your avatar with supernatural weapons and gear if you go your own way. You can also set traps or block paths to force the other player to take alternate routes. Bonus points go to players who finish levels first. The level of teamwork between the two players is measured throughout the game, and actually has an impact on the levels and monsters you fight.

Mission Hell is currently being developed for PC and Mac, but they intend to bring their maiden project to other platforms like ios, Android, and even as a browser game. If the game performs as intended financially, and if supporters continue to give input to the creators, Mission Hell will also expand beyond its current horizons to include a number of DLC packages to expand and enhance the game’s features – such as more weapons and playable characters.

The developer, Enclave North Inc., is currently seeking financial contributions on Kickstarter to fund this ambitious project. Contributors will receive a variety of gifts in return for their pledges including concept art booklets, the synth-orchestra original soundtrack, T-shirts, and copies of the game. In addition to these valuable memorabilia, supporters of Mission Hell can be gratified to know that they are a part of gaming history.

To learn more about the project, please visit their website www.enclavenorth.ca, or get frequent updates from their twitter @enclavenorth.

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Enclave North is the entrepreneurial brainchild of James O’Brien, Matt O’Brien and Dylan Hernandez. With almost 20 years of combined game development expertise, these gaming pioneers are here to bring retro-games back with vengeance.

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