MirraMirra launches mobile app and phone case with slide out mirror and lighting options

MirraMirra is the newly launched phone case that comes with a slide out mirror and cosmetic light along with a complimenting app to offer additional lighting features and selfie options. The phone case and app, created for iPhone can enable the user to use the slide out mirror anytime and anywhere while the app can be used to take flawless selfies and photos. The user can also create their own galleries to curate the pictures taken from the app.

The app provides a wide range of light filters for the perfect reflection on the mirror. By using the sharing options, the user can instantly share their pictures on social media sites. It may sound like a bulky case with the mirror attached to it, but the fact is MirraMirra is a slim and robust phone case and adds only 4.8 mm to the iPhone. The mirror is protected by tempered glass and designed to be durable and resilient to scratches. The phone case is strong and offers best in class protection to the phone.

Now fixing or applying the makeup on the go is not a hassle anymore with the MirraMirra phone case and app. Choose the perfect light setting using the app to find the perfect reflection for applying makeup or quick touch ups.  The case does not require to be charged as it uses mobile features to display the perfect reflection of the user. The lighting function works using the existing LED torch light on the phone so there is no hassle of buying or keeping another charger for the case. The combination of this phone case and app allows the user to take perfect pictures day or night, indoors or outdoors. The slide out mirror in the phone case is high impact and made with replaceable toughened glass protector.

The MirraMirra phone case can work without the app just fine but it is like an icing on the cake if used with the innovative phone case. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple store for availing features like activating the mirror light, change the screen color to find the perfect glow, taking & editing the selfies with multiple filters and more. The user can also activate the social share option to share their pictures over the social media and refer friends to give them discounts and earn an upgrade for themselves.

More information can be found on mirramirra.com.

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