Mirowin announces early access release of Guns ‘N’ Stories, a VR Western Steampunk game

Interested in shooting flying drones?

What about Cowboys riding Segways?

This VR steampunk dark humor fantasy shooter is for you!

Ukraine based VR gaming studio Mirowin, announces the early access release of GUNS ‘N’ STORIES, a VR Western Steampunk game. Every player is challenged to survive wave after wave of dangers in a beautiful cartoon landscape.

Guns ‘N’ Stories is designed to be a stylized experience, a unique and dynamic plot of dreadful enemies and cynical humor.

After entering virtual reality, you will take the role of Bill, your crazy old grandpa, the retired headhunter.

Grandpa also likes to pour strong drinks. Take part of his journey as he tells you some stories from the past. Sometimes grandpa even likes to tell a lie to get the full picture.

Dive deep into this strange story and look at Grandpa’s dreams with your own eyes. Fight the most dangerous gang of all time. Save the love of your life. Make sure that everything Bill says is actually true. Believe me, he likes to exaggerate.


  • Interesting narrative with steampunk elements and deep history.
  • Diverse arsenal of weapons including the SHELLBUSTER.
  • Creative level design to stimulate player’s strategic thinking.
  • Plenty of hilarious plot points dipped in dark humor.
  • Fight bosses. Collect all the pieces of the puzzle.
  • Beautiful and atmospheric art style.

Download this game today for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, on Steam and Oculus store.

Watch the Gameplay Video:

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/tlSi9o0R9Tc

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