MIPOW Announces Release of Power Cube X: A True Wireless Charging Solution for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X

The breakthrough new MIPOW Power Cube X is a great charging pad choice for both home and a convenient wireless charging bank on the go.

The demand for wireless charging accessories for Apple products is certainly rocketing after the company’s recent announcement that the iPhone is now compatible with the qi wireless charging standard.  MIPOW, one of the industry’s premier manufacturers of portable phone charging accessories, is answering the call.  In exciting news MIPOW has come up with a great product solution and design dedicated to new iPhone users aimed at delivering a great, new wireless charging experience, the MIPOW Power Cube X.

The wireless product leader, who over the past five years, have won 56 international design acclaim including the RED DOT, IF, and GOOD DESIGN awards for  MIPOW products, the company always strives to make things in a different way to deliver the best, enhanced charging solution, and the Power Cube X is no exception. MIPOW start in 2010 as the first company to design a power case for the iPhone, and followed as also the first company to design and build the Apple Lightening dock into a power bank for more convenience use.

For wireless charging accessories, the MIPOW Power Cube X design helps people with: charging wirelessly with a better looking wireless charger, solves the problem of people often forgetting to charge their power bank with its SMART DOCK solution, delivers a way to recharge a power bank with cable, and allows charging of both an iPhone and Smart dock at the same time, to name just a few of its exciting benefits.

Excitement surrounding the release of the Power Cube X is high.

“We saw a great need for a better kind of wireless station and that’s exactly what we worked so hard on to deliver here,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We think Power Cube X will blow away even the highest of expectations.  We identified the many needs users commonly have of a wireless station and have covered them all, with precision.”

According to MIPOW, The Power Cube X comes with a 5000mAh built in battery which gives the  iPhone X up to 24 hours of extra battery life. The MIPOW exclusive SMART dock design as one of accessories for POWER CUBE X delivers convenient recharging, creating  a nice wireless charging pad for home along with a useful wireless charging power bank on the road.

Charge an iPhone Wirelessly on the Go  

Using the Power Cube X is easy.  A user simply places the iPhone X or any Qi enabled smartphone on top of the POWER CUBE X to start the wireless charging without any cables. POWER CUBE X comes with a 5000mAh Battery which gives a smartphone up to 24 hours of extra battery.  Power Cube X comes with a Build-in USB-C IN/OUT Port, allowing its users to charge a mobile phone or other devices with cables. Two devices can be charged at same time, one with wireless and one with cable. The Power Cube X doesn’t necessary need to be recharged with its SMART DOCK, also having a Build-in USB-C IN/OUT Port allowing it to be recharged a with cable when away from its SMART DOCK. Both the iPhone and POWER CUBE X can be recharged at the same time by cable.

Works as a Home Wireless Charging Station with SMART DOCK

The POWER CUBE X is simply placed in the SMART DOCK to recharge it without any cables. The SMART DOCK is perfectly designed to fit POWER CUBE X as a beautiful appearing and operating charging station that helps a person to remember to charge their POWER CUBE X when they need it. The iPhone X is simply placed on top of it to wirelessly charging both the iPhone X and Power Cube X at the same time. 

Forget to Recharge the Power Bank? POWER CUBE X has a solution.

People often forget to refuel/recharge their power bank. And it is certainly disappointing to find our a power bank has no charge when an iPhone is about to go dead.  Even if it is just two simple steps to pull out a cable and connect a power bank to its power adapter to recharge, its still easy to forget to do that and end up in a bad situation. SMART DOCK is perfectly designed to prevent its users from forgetting to recharge their Power Bank, by reducing  the tedious step of connecting cables, instead simply placing the power bank on the SMART DOCK, its easy for both a power bank and iPhone to be fully charged when its user wakes up in the morning.      

Elegant Industrial design

Besides all of the new technology used to build POWER CUBE X, it is also an elegant, nice looking design that can be carried on the go as well as rest comfortably at home. With the MIPOW design DNA, combining UV coating and aluminum alloy finishing makes POWER CUBE look charming in front of all its competitor, bar none.

The Definition of the Name X in MIPOW

X is a cross between two new charging technologies: Qi standard wireless charging and USB-C single port power in and out.

X is a combination of two solutions: it’s designed for the home and on the go.

X is a merging of two different, perfect matching materials in industrial design.

X is the definition of infinite enjoyment, and its constant power can be used anywhere at anytime.

X is a great combination of two important elements, design and technology, that MIPOW always pursues.

POWER CUBE X: TRUE Wireless Charging Solution BENEFITS | Reference Cases

  • Reference Case 1: iPhone’s battery is low while Watching TV on the Sofa but Wireless Charging Pad is in another room.
  • Reference Case 2: iPhone’s Battery running out while having a meeting in the meeting room, but wireless charging base is in the office.
  • Reference Case 3: iPhone’s battery is low while receiving an emergency call while out.
  • Reference Case 4: iPhone’s Battery running out while cooking and worried about missing a  guests’ coming call.
  • Reference Case 5: iPhone’s Battery running out when playing video game on the phone
  • Reference Case 6: iPhone’s Battery running out while on an important conference call with a customer.
  • Reference Case 7: Worried not enough battery life for the next day’s camping.
  • Benefit 1: The smart dock design makes sure the Power Cube X is always fully charged in case some important matter happened where an instant charge for the mobile phone is needed. 
  • Benefit 2: simply unplug the “always charged” POWER CUBE X from its SMART DOCK for instant charging wirelessly anytime and anywhere.
  • Benefit 3: POWER CUBE X wireless charging solution with SMART DOCK  is designed to change charging habits for a better charging experience. It’s a true wireless solution, no more cables…

Changing the habit of How the Mobile Phone is Charged – for the Better!

SAFETY: MIPOW TRUE Wireless Charging Solution V.S. Cable Charging

In many recent news reports it has been mentioned and claimed that serious accidents have happened – even causing death – resulting from cable charging a mobile phone, while using a mobile phone. Even though there is only a very small percentage of shocking deaths while talking on a charging phone, it surely has happened as recorded. Changing the habit of how a mobile phone is charged may save some chance for indirectly contact high voltage power supply sources. POWER CUBE X is designed to help change charging habits in order to avoid less chance to contact high voltage power supplies. The POWER CUBE X SMART DOCKING simply sits a bit away from its user safely, unplug POWER CUBE X to charge your phone when you need it, but in low voltage charging circle. 

For more information on MIPOW and Power Cube X be sure to visit them at the information provided below.

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