MinerLock, Revolutionary Crypto Locker to Buy and Sell Digital Content Using Digital Currencies, Launched

June 4, 2018 – Important files and downloads can now be traded using cryptocurrencies. MinerLock is a new cryptocurrency locker service that offers a platform to share files, links, products, apps and other digital content. Using MinerLock users can upload their content, and buyers can pay in Bitcoins and other digital currencies to unlock and access the content.

MinerLock is a new way to monetize digital content with the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The crypto locker currently supports BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash and DodgeCoin. The PPS or pay per sale model is based on cryptocurrencies, and allows for cashout of payments with Bitcoin.

MinerLock is a revolutionary new way to buy or sell digital content using cryptocurrencies. As a crypto locker, the platform is completely secure and confidential, and makes it extremely convenient to access all types of digital content without the hassles of third party payments, websites or middlemen,” said John Quincey of MinerLock.

The bitcoin locker makes online sales super easy for digital product sellers. They can upload the digital product or downloadable content to MinerLock and select the price and payment option. The protected link can then be shared with potential buyers and target audience. Buyers will then send payment in cryptocurrencies to the unique wallet address of the seller to download and access content after payment is confirmed over blockchain. Sellers receive an automatic credit of payments received minus transaction fees, and can withdraw it directly to their wallets or exchanges the amount for Bitcoin.

Online buyers can use the bitcoin locker to confidentially access and download their chosen content using the protected web link shared by the seller. They can make a payment to access the chosen content, get the transaction confirmed over blockchain, and access the content within 12 hours over a unique IP address. The content is locked again after the expiry of this duration using server side cookies.

For more information, please visit: https://minerlock.com/

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