MindSync Announces Launch of DoctorWeekly.com

New service offers convenient, reliable online medical information

MindSync LLC today announced the long-anticipated launch of DoctorWeekly.com. The new Doctor Weekly website provides useful medical and health-related information as well as a free newsletter for health-related information by email.

“Our first priority is to arm consumers with the medical and health information they need in a succinct, informative, and easy to understand manner,” says William at MindSync LLC, proud owner of DoctorWeekly.com. “That’s the mission of Doctor Weekly”.

The Doctor Weekly blog is the premiere source of medical information dating back to October 2013 on a variety of health related areas such as:

General Health Topics:
Healthy Dieting
Weight Loss

Physical Health Matters:
Back Pain

Mental Health Matters:

While there is a plethora of health information available online, much of it is unreliable and even sources considered more trustworthy can be also be more difficult for the average reader to sift through and understand. Many typical websites tend to have more sales copy than medical information.

Doctor Weekly is different. Visitors will find high quality and useful medical and health-related information that sometimes, if not frequently, pokes fun at some of the hype and myths regarding various fad treatments and therapies.

Doctor Weekly presents information not only on health-related topics, such as fitness and diet, but also on more serious conditions including depression and anxiety symptoms, diabetes and asthma.

“The Doctor Weekly staff feels it is crucial that the information provided on our site is accurate and trustworthy due to its licensed medical sourcing,” noted William. “We want our visitors to temper their interpretation of traditional web-based medical information with appropriate scrutiny.”

At times, Doctor Weekly uses a bit of humor and satire in its attempts to communicate the message of “caveat emptor” or “let the buyer beware” to its visitors. Doctor Weekly’s recent April 5, 2014, article entitled “Raspberry Ketones – Weight Loss Facts and Fiction” uses a comical before and after image tagged with the article to accentuate this point.

William added further, “The information Doctor Weekly provides should not be viewed as any form of substitute or excuse for self-treatment, but should instead supplement the knowledge base of its visitors and foster better communications between patients and healthcare providers.”

A main theme of the site stressed by the Doctor Weekly staff is the importance of having questions answered by their readers’ own licensed health care providers. William also commented that, “when it comes to your own personal healthcare and medical conditions, no website should ever take the place of your doctor’s advice.”

Doctor Weekly is also associated with Pregnancy Notebook, which is a video resource center of pregnancy-related topics including: pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy diet, pregnancy fitness, pregnancy care and more for mothers-to-be. More information about Pregnancy Notebook is available at: http://pregnancynotebook.com

This exciting new health and medical information service is available at: http://doctorweekly.com

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