Mindstir Media LLC publishes new historical novel “From the Halls of Cuba” by C.E. Porch

Mindstir Media is pleased to announce the release of From the Halls of Cuba by author C.E. Porch. The 466-page paperback book centers on the story of an American family becoming part of the Cuban fabric before and after the Spanish-American War 1898 with all its exhilaration, corruption, and exploitation. It’s a story with fictional characters set in real events and the failed attempts to regain a lost life…all leading its American characters to participate in Indochina during World War II, the Bay of Pigs and into the Vietnam War. 

“At the end of the 19th Century the United States had emerged as a nation finally united and taking full advantage of the industrial revolution,” said author C.E. Porch. “Theodore Roosevelt was stepping onto the world stage with America becoming a world power. Cuba was a lynch pin, a stage where the show begins… I have used historical events and characters, some I knew personally, and others extrapolated from real events in order to put some things into context and give the reader a little insight to history in the background… This is a story of the Scott family which rode that wave into the 20th Century with all its wars, prosperities and depressions as reflected in the mirror of Cuba…until Fidel…” 

From the Halls of Cuba is available in softcover at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram. Please call Rob Rop at 800-767-0531 to arrange an interview or send an email to info@mindstirmedia.com. 

About author C.E. Porch: 

C.E. Porch is a retired lawyer, whose father had a business in Cuba before Fidel, and he jumped out of a lot of “perfectly good airplanes” with his green beret stuffed inside his US Army fatigue jacket. 

About the book publisher, MindStir Media: 

MindStir Media LLC is a one-stop shop for authors. Mindstir handles all aspects of book publishing, including illustration, design, editing, printing, distribution and more. To learn more about publishing a book with MindStir Media, visit http://www.mindstirmedia.com or call 800-767-0531.

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