Millecor is set to be launched on August 29th

After creating quite a buzz in the market, the new dietary supplement brand ‘Millecor’ is finally being launched on August 29th.  The brand promises to be more than an ordinary supplement brand as it serves a very specific purpose – to donate a portion of proceeds from their wide range of quality supplements to non-profits.

The official website of the company,, will also offer the products of well established supplement company Kill Cliff.  Kill Cliff, another veteran owned company, also donates a part of their proceeds to charity. The company aims to serve those who serve by partnering with charities that support the military, first responders and their families.

There are a number of other companies who donate to non-profit organizations but what makes Millecor stand apart is that it was fundamentally created to give back and support charity. The MILLECOR Warrior Charities program is the core of the company which differentiates it from other supplement brands.  Since the company is founded by a military and law enforcement veteran himself, the main motivation of the company is to serve people and support charities.

Even the name of the company ‘Millecor’ is a combination of ‘Mil’, ‘Le’ and ‘Cor’, each of them having a deep meaning which reflects the people they serve, the people they are and the mission of the company.

The word ‘Mil’ is derived from military as the company aims to serve the men and women associated with armed forces. The company provides its supplements to the military troops, as their profession requires perfect fitness to stay in the battlefield and give optimum performance.

The ‘LE’ stands for law enforcement; the company understands how important it is to be physically fit for the officers that take care of the safety of the citizens. The supplements offered by the company help law enforcement officers to obtain and maintain a fitness level that allows them to fulfill their dutieseffectively and safely.

The ‘COR’ in the company’s name is derived from ‘Corps’ which refers to a group of people associated together and working under a similar objective. The company unites a group of veterans and first responders to fulfill their mission of serving people and support the charities that do similar work.

The company cordially invites more and more partners with similar objective of serving people to join them in their purpose of providing health and fitness supplements.  Above all, their desire to create more relationships with charities to help raise funds for as many services as possible to give back to those who serve.

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