Mike Waldens Acne No More Has Been Causing An Internet Frenzy We Review Why

Mike Waldens book Acne No more has grabbed a lot of people’s attention with 5,400 searches per month on google. The ebook claims to give you the strategy that can help you eliminate acne permanently, with a multitude of books claiming to do this and some medical experts contradicting his teaching’s. We will look into whether or not Mike Waldens ebook Acne no more is just another scam preying on the hopes of those who struggle with acne.

Mike Waldens book Acne No More is a holistic approach to acne treatment. Holistic means treating a whole person mentally, physically and socially. Mike Walden claims he studied for many years and came to a conclusion that  acne is caused by a variety of reasons from eating, length of sleep and even your emotional states. Acne no more claims acne is largly caused by a fungus in the gut called candida that can thrive in a human for years and years even decades. Candida is a yeast that causes a lot of fungal infections in the body and many other health issues such as acne. Mike Walden also claims the lack of sleep can cause acne due to stress and your body not resting.

Acne no more is about detoxing the body from toxins, parasites and other bad inhabitants such as metals. The eBook talks about doing colon cleanses to clean out your large instestine from toxins. Eating foods that a good for your gut and liver which then help eradicate further toxins. The book tells which foods to avoid that apparently cause acne such as sugar, milk, wheat and many others. Acne no more will really ask a lot out of you before you see any results, Mike is heard saying you don’t have to do the colon cleanses but claims that they are really effective.

“Acne no more is a book basically about getting the bad things out of your body and keeping them,” out said Carl Feldman. You can tell Mike Walden has done his studies from this book. This book is a total different approach to treating acne than what you have usually heard, getting benzoyl peroxide face washes or accutane pills. It will take dedication and establishing new eating habits but the book deserves the hype of over 5000 searches per month whether or not you agree with its methods, it is one of those subjects you should know about because they are about your well being. For more details go to Mike Waldens website.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/NCV8WqPYfRI

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