Michael Hageloh Brings Free Emceeing to Nonprofits

Former Apple insider, radio personality, and business consultant Michael Hageloh is hosting charity fundraisers—free of charge.

As a former radio personality and a record-setting Apple sales executive—to say nothing of a big draw on the lecture circuit—Michael Hageloh is known for his garrulous, extemporaneous personality. These personality traits have served him well in the boardroom and at the podium, but recently Hageloh has been putting his outgoing personality to good use for a good cause—that is, the cause of helping nonprofit and charity organizations throughout the U.S. In a new statement to the press, Michael Hageloh has announced that he is eager and ready to host charitable events and fundraisers for local nonprofits—in order to help organizations fundraise toward their good efforts.

“Serving as the Emcee for charitable events is something that I have a personal passion for,” Hageloh comments, citing charitable nonprofit events from fashion shows to cotillions that he has emceed. “I make it fun, which is just part of my extemporaneous personality. And where there is fun, there is giving.”

Hageloh’s experience working a room is hardly limited to his work as a nonprofit event host, of course. Serving in a lead role at Apple from 1988 through 2010, Hageloh hosted a number of high-profile company events, and received rave reviews for the level of energy and enthusiasm he brought to each one. Since that time, Hageloh has lent his name and his outgoing personality to a number of multimillion dollar fundraisers.

“This is a passion of mine,” Hageloh says. “Not only is it something that I love to do, but it also provides me with a way to use my personality for some real good—to give a boost to causes that need a good, solid host at their events.” He takes the role of the event Emcee seriously, too, noting that it is the host’s job to function as the glue that holds the entire event together. “A lot of the time nobody even talks about the Emcee, and when done well, it puts focus on the cause and can stimulate greater support and contributions,” Hageloh remarks.

Hageloh works as a business consultant and strategist, offering guidance to a number of startup companies. He also serves as the Director of Special Projects at the University of South Florida.

“I draw on my business and sales experience to speak with entrepreneurs and also with students throughout Florida, and I love doing it—but I am also delighted by opportunities to just have fun with an audience, especially when it’s on behalf of a good cause,” he concludes. “That’s why I am open for nonprofits if they need a seasoned, professional Emcee for their events.”


Serving as director of special projects focused on the sales education initiative at the University of South Florida, Michael Hageloh is a proven sales executive with more than 20 years of experience.

Much of that experience is with Apple Inc., where he began in the company’s education division in 1988. Hageloh moved into a crucial role within Apple’s sales organization. In that role, he developed a vertical education selling strategy and forged relationships with thought leaders, policymakers, and other influencers in the education and technology spheres. He also acquired experience in a key academic sales role at Adobe, where he facilitated, along with French banking and financial services firm Société Générale, a unique single licensing transaction valued at $11.7 million. Overall, Hageloh delivered close to a billion dollars in revenue during the course of his career.

Hageloh can be contacted online via his website, www.hageloh.com, his Facebook page and on Twitter.

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