MF Chain: Fusing blockchain and finance

Modern finance chain is bridging the cryptocurrency gap between Blockchain and finance. They are building a new future for cryptocurrency creating an ecosystem for consumers and merchants to take the next step into the future. That is the ultimate goal, to implement a digital economy where products and services can be purchased with any cryptocurrency.

To achieve this, MF Chain has implemented a collaborative platform made by app developers thought for us, universal traders by excellence. The platform was built upon a favorable environment compatible with several programming languages and a library of smart contracts for its implementation and by consolidated partnerships with other cryptocurrency platforms such as INGOT Coin, Loopring, ShapeShift and DDEX. 

These alliances put together a supportive environment with multi-language compatibility and a library of smart contracts, an essential part of the decentralized applications called the MF Mainnet. The ultimate Goal is to bring experts, advisers, and brilliant developers together to fasten blockchain implementation in the finance world.

The Blockchain technology does not have to be linked to just a type of token, the goal of this modern financial system is to expand the transactions using cryptocurrencies around the globe in a single environment. This will position digital currencies to be much more than the tools for investment, but an actual payment model to be implemented.

Besides, consumers, merchants or companies no matter their size will be able to rely on a secure and reliable system to sell or purchase goods, replacing cash and modernizing the traditional banking services.

Mf Chain not only relies upon the traditional use of one blockchain but also uses its independent currency system that works with or without a tokenized economy: MF Mainnet.

Mainnet System

The MF Mainnet was developed thinking with the purpose of integrating multiple Blockchains at once. It is considered to be Modern Finance Chain masterpiece because of its independent public blockchain that uses a BFT / POS consensus model with a unique master-node incentive protocol.

Companies and financial organizations are greatly benefited by this independent system, allowing the development of private enterprise-class blockchains, cross-chain atomic exchange transactions, multi-blockchain integration and a verified digital identity system.

The launch of the ICO won’t cause any threat for existing cryptos. Although independence characterizes MF Mainnet, it also offers flexibility to perform financial movements with a variety of cryptocurrencies, including those that are already being used such as litecoin, ethereum, neo, etc.

Because the MF Mainnet is independent of any currency, it means that it can be executed with or without a massive token, this is a unique singularity of the system.

Market Forecasts

The consumer has a growing preference for digital payment, so it is expected by the time 2019 arrives that the global mobile payments market will exceed 1 trillion dollars. Also, by the first quarter of this year payments through our mobile devices have increased considerably for products and intangible services.

More and more individuals, whether entrepreneurs or not, are heading to new technological horizons. Opting for different payment methods including this new model of digital currencies will soon have a global acceptance and continue to grow, there must always be an exciting approach starting with rewarding merchants and consumers for making their transactions into a new digital era.

Regarding electronic commerce, global sales have been growing steadily. 2.2 billion dollars were sold through online platforms in 2017. By the time we reach 2021 those numbers are estimated to reach around 4.5 billion dollars.

Besides, virtual commerce will represent approximately 10% of retail sales concerning total market share in 2017. And another 5.4% is expected to grow over the next three years. So it is not pure speculation, the figures say, electronic commerce is continuously increasing concerning total global retail sales.

MF Chain and the MFX

Modern Finance Chain allows users to purchase goods and services in its valuable cryptocurrency payment ecosystem. The benefit offered by the system is that, consistently, it adds value to both merchants and consumers rewarding both of them just by using the platform.

The bonus for merchants is 1% of their total transaction volume in the form of MFX tokens. Additionally, the MFX tokens are valued depending on the selling value of each cryptocurrency added.

The MFX, the coin created by Modern Finance Chain, is a utility Token that is used to facilitate a rewards program for merchants and consumers. It works like many reward programs that have credit cards. The MFX Token does not offer ownership and participation in any organization, nor pay dividends. It only serves as a bonus for users. The more volume of cryptocurrencies, the receptivity of MFX tokens will increase.

Join the change, demand any product or service you want with the cryptocurrency you use in the trade of your choice because with Modern Finance Chain the digital utopia is possible.

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