Metabolic Explosion Program — Is Dan Faggella Metabolism Boosting Low Impact Workout Design Revolutionary?

The creator of Metabolic Explosion program, Dan Faggella, claimed that his metabolic explosion workout, that is, his unique and effective low impact workouts involving few exercises and no equipment, will help one increase fat loss in much less time. This claim has caught the attention of owner, Mike Dan, instigating a detailed analysis of the program.

At the launching of Metabolic Explosion few weeks ago, Dan Faggella, made a claim that his metabolic explosion workout will help burn unwanted fat and develop a lean and tone body within short period of time. This claim caught the attention of many people and even became more controversial because metabolic explosion involves low impact workouts, few exercises and no use of equipment. These three conditions are against the popular fat loss claims in the workout and fitness industry. As a result, many opinions about metabolic explosion workouts have been popping up on the internet. The workouts and diabetes reviews expert, Mike Dan, has decided to carry out an in-depth analysis using the feedback of actual  users of Metabolic Explosion and available market information about the program and its author, Dan Faggella himself.

“We have intensive go through the Metabolic Explosion workouts and the program as a whole in the last few weeks with a mission of determining if the claims in the program are true and if Dan Faggella’s low impact workout could really provide the same benefits as a high intensity, high impact workout,” states Mike. While laying out the findings and conclusion  of the analysis of Metabolic Explosion Workouts by the team of experts from, Mike mentioned that, “Through Metabolic Explosion Workouts, we have come to understand that there are many important things about the workout industry that still need to be appraised and updated. It seems that many of us have been led to believe that certain dogmas or protocols must be followed in order to get results on fatloss through Workouts. Our study has shown that the Metabolic Explosion program is not a perfect program, but it seems to be challenging some of the dogmas in workout industry and has a lot of results to show for it,” he said. Mike continued with his explanation that “Metabolic Explosion has taught us that extreme exercises or so-called insane workouts are not necessary, especially for people age 35 and above. You can burn unwanted fat and develop a lean and tone body within short period even with low impact workouts as exemplify in metabolic explosion.”

Over the years, high Impact workouts has been known to be a very effective strategy for fat loss and body toning. However, one of the backdrop is that the process of high impact workouts could be very challenging for people that are age 35 and above and even almost impossible for people above the age of 45. “It seems Dan Faggella has found a perfect solution or a way out though low impact workout system which provides whole body movements, no equipment and fast circuits,” said Mike.  “The secret of the program is what is called ‘Metabolic Maximizer’ method. It is based on the idea that one can achieve maximum effect with minimum effort when exercising correctly,” Mike reported.

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