Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Apps Flood Market, Chapters Capistrano Encourages Personal Treatment

As new smartphone apps enter the market to aid in mental health and addiction recovery, rehab facility Chapters Capistrano urges individuals to also seek professional help.

For the staff at Chapters Capistrano, these new apps offer a great indication that technology can improve mental health services and addiction recovery programs. However, they also note that many may become too reliant on what these tools can do.

Reuters Health recently reported on the new A-CHESS app, an alcoholism recovery tool that has been gaining steady media attention. It reveals, “A mobile app aimed at keeping people recovering from alcohol abuse sober appears to cut down on the number of days they drink, according to a new study…More recovering alcohol abusers also reported total abstinence from drinking when using the app, which has guided relaxation techniques and alerts users when they’re near bars and other places that may be risky to their recoveries.”

In terms of success, the article addresses a study that compared app users with recovering alcoholics who used non-app methods. It reports, “…about 52 percent of the people in the app group remained alcohol-free at the end of four, eight and 12 months, compared to about 40 percent of people in the non-app group.”

Mike Shea, owner of Chapters Capistrano, responds, “This evidence is really promising, especially in terms of relapse prevention—a factor of recovery that Chapters Capistrano is heavily involved with. However, the promise of A-CHESS and other emerging mental health apps does raise concerns. For instance, individuals struggling with alcoholism may come to believe that these tools are all they need to enter sobriety.”

According to the team at Chapters Capistrano, addiction recovery can be aided by technology, as the facility is noted for offering a cell- and laptop-friendly environment. However, Shea adds, “Apps are not able to provide medically-supervised detox, comprehensive group counseling and other flexible treatment options.”

Shea urges all those struggling with substance abuse to reach out to a trusted addiction recovery center, such as Chapters Capistrano, to gain comprehensive help instead of relying completely on new apps.


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