Melton Hawkins using fashion consulting services to help the needy.

Talented, creative fashion icon, Mel Hawkins, uses fashion consulting services to help less fortunate that lack clothing

Melton Hawkins is a creative and talented fashion icon that has distinguished himself in the fashion industry, with his natural self-expression through fashion being carefully studied and emulated by fashion lovers and heavyweights across the globe. However, the fashionista had even more plans, deciding that it would make more sense to make styling a service he provides to the world.

Melton Hawkins is taking it a notch higher as he is looking to dedicate more time to his passion as not just a fashionista but a stylist for persons that need someone they can trust to ensure that they keep looking and feeling up to par and confident in the world of fashion. Melton is however showing that feeling and looking good goes beyond putting on the latest fashion trends, as he looks to donate a significant percentage of his earnings to help the needy.

Melton has announced that he will be using a percentage of his earnings from his new clients to help those in need of clothing. “My services allow you to help out in style,” says Melton. Melton’s gesture is not coming as a surprise, considering his childhood experience and how he grew up.

Melton hails from East Hartford, Connecticut, where they experience some very cold winters. Therefore, Mel Hawkins can easily relate with the struggle of trying to stay warm during such conditions. “I caught on to some people that literally study all my outfits to a tee. That was okay with me but then I realized I was providing a service for free that certain people could afford to hire me for. Being styled accordingly is major component in everyday confidence and self-esteem.”

After a trip to California in the summer of 2017 for marketing purposes, Melton noticed his influence and reach going bi-costal. “I was seeing my whole east coast swag being emulated on the west coast by a few people who actually had a budget to hire a reliable stylist and influencers with large audiences. Men were looking to me for their next outfit, and women were noticing the same thing and actually helped me decided to make this natural gift and talent a stream of revenue.”

Melton has demonstrated his prowess across various field but has continued to establish himself as a force to reckon with in the fashion world, and his recent philanthropic gesture takes his passion to a whole new level.

About Melton Hawkins

Melton Hawkins was born January 10, 1990. He started expressing himself as a creative person through hip-hop, starting to make music from the tender age of 16. His industriousness led him to researching the ins and outs of marketing his talents.

During this process he learned that his sense of fashion could be utilized as a major branding tool. To date, under the name Mel Deezly Mac Sauce he has over half a million views on YouTube even before he hired Sweets Babe Inc for social media marketing.

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