Mel Novak completes his latest feature When it Rings

Veteran screen villain co-stars alongside Sally Kirkland

Action movie vet Mel Novak (SAMURAI COP 2, AN EYE FOR AN EYE) has completed work on his latest film, supernatural thriller WHEN IT RINGS.

Novak, whose many credits include GAME OF DEATH, HOLY TERROR and the upcoming STEVE MCQUEEN : AMERICAN ICON, joins Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland and newcomer Gonzalo Martin in the Ty Haisten and David Rivers directed movie.

For the first time since the death of his sister, Zach (Martin) returns to his childhood home to get it ready for sale. While there, he uncovers an old toy phone he once used to “talk” to his dead sister. Years of counseling convinced him it was all in his head until an unexpected call comes through the plastic phone, setting off a series of terrifying events, and making him question what, and who, is real.

Tyrone Tann of Stauros Entertainment, Ellecina Eck, Haisten and Rivers are producing this film.

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