Meeting (And Eating) In Bali: Pemulan Bali Farm Cooking School Hosts Unforgettable Morning Farm Cooking and Market Tour

BALI, INDONESIA – July 7th, 2018 – In addition to its breathtaking beaches, Bali is famous for one other thing, too: its cuisine. With experiential tourism on the rise, one Balinese farming community and cooking school decided to initiate visitors to local cuisine, providing a holistic, farm-to-table experience. The Pemulan Bali Farm Cooking School in Taro, Ubud, hosts the 6-hour-long Morning Farm Cooking and Market Tour, an immersive experience in the cuisine and food culture of Bali.

Tour guides take participants on a walk through the local market, where they have the chance to witness, firsthand, the ways with which locals barter, trade and interact while shopping for produce and other goods. While at the market, participants will have the opportunity to sample local fruit, wine and traditional family cake, which is a local delicacy.

Later on in the day, guests are taken to the Pemulan Bali Farm Cooking School, where they receive a guided tour of its organic farm, and are informed on how a Balinese family uses all available resources in order to create a sustainable farm. Post-tour, guests are free to pick ingredients, fresh off the farm, and bring them to the Cooking School’s premises, where they will be used in the preparation of their meals. Throughout the ensuing cooking session, the School’s cooks share interesting facts and information on the mythology surrounding the herbs and spices used, as well as expert tips on how to cook and incorporate them in various dishes.

“Our Morning Farm Cooking and Market Tour is highly popular among visitors of Ubud who are looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and come into contact with nature” said Mr. Wayan Jhon, Pemulan Bali Farm Cooking School media representative. “As the only Balinese cooking school with its own, organic farm, we are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to our guests, which, at the same time, also helps sustain the local economy, seeing as our farm and programs create job opportunities that keep precious rupiahs in the community.”

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