Meet Focusky Software, Red-hot Free Presentation Maker for Mac

Focusky Presentation Maker
Focusky Software Company provides Mac users with a versatile presentation maker for totally free. Anyone can share their ideas in a unique way.

Old school presentations are a thing of the past with the interactive publishing company, Focusky. The innovative platform has revolutionized modern presentations in a straightforward yet visually appealing and engaging manner for the audience to enjoy. Focusky invites all types of users and tasks ranging from business operations to educational presentation uses. This multi-function flexibility ensures that Focusky software is not limited to one specific purpose, but is available to operate under all types of usage in seamless fashion. Under the guidance of Focusky’s acclaimed platform, presentations are no longer boring and predictable, but rather vibrant and exciting.

Redefining what a great presentation should be, the company offers various products such as online presentations, video presentations, a PPT to video converter, and mind-mapping design software to ensure only the best presentations are created. Cutting edge features such as zoom, pan, and scale functions allow the user to create visually striking presentations to keep the audience’s attention and provide exciting effects. Converting and saving just became a whole lot easier with Focusky presentations – allowing various formats such as HTML, ZIP, APP and even EXE – ensuring the best experiences depending on the situation.

Previously only available on Windows operating systems, Focusky developers have successfully created a synchronized version of free presentation maker for Mac OS, ensuring the same features to all clients. The new cross-platform software has already surpassed 160 thousand downloads and is expected to see an even bigger increase once Mac users get on board with the platform. In addition to the new Mac presentation software, users can begin developing their presentations for free with the new presentation maker. This free software lets the users create using Flash technology, enhancing the user’s creative realm with custom effects and features.

About Focusky

Established in 2008, Focusky Software Co. Ltd has set out to redefine the modern day presentation. The Hong Kong based company has firmly established their presence in the business industry through their easy to use services and outstanding support. Designing various digital products, the company has been on the forefront of digital presentations. Boasting several options to develop specialized presentations, the company utilizes Flash to offer the best content builder for businesses and educational institutions.

Throughout the past seven years, the company has expanded to help clients of over 50,000 major companies such as IBM, Dell, Xerox, and Safeway. With the expansion of new services and products, Focusky looks to change the name of digital presentations around the world.

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