Meet Christian Johnson The 16-Year-Old Social Media Marketer And E-Commerce Specialist

Aug 2, 2017 – Social media marketing and e-commerce specialist Christian Johnson has been raking in huge cash via social media. The best part? He’s only 16, making over $15,000 per month.

Social media marketing and e-commerce guru Christian Johnson, who has discovered a gold mine on the internet and has been making good money from it, has decided to sit down and answer some questions on how it has been done.

Christian has shared his story of starting his first business at 9. As a 9 year old who loved video games he began buying broken Xboxes for parts and reselling the parts on his site and Ebay sometimes making over $300 per month as a 9 year old. However he soon moved onto bigger and better things eventually growing an Instagram following of over 34,000. He was approached by multiple companies and even celebrities looking to get their start on instagram in 2013. This is when he began to capitalize on social media marketing at the age of 12.

His Instagram shows the lifestyle most would dream of having, traveling the country in places such as Miami driving Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s.

“I think my following has been people intrigued of how a 16 year old can be driving exotic cars and traveling the country with his own money.” – C. Johnson

Today the young social media marketer now has four companies to his name. These companies are online businesses. They are Restylemedia, and thebarginbasket, Orvola Supply Co. and 24hourleads.

Despite the fact that 24hourleads just got launched less than a month, Christian Johnson attested to have made more than a thousand dollars ($1000) from this service.

Restylemedia alone fetches Mr. Christian Johnson more than five thousand dollars ($5000) monthly. However is best money maker is which is generating him around eleven thousand dollars ($11000) per month.

Restylemedia is designed with the mission to provide real results for clients and achieve great success. To create an in-depth plan from our team of content creators, marketers, and influencers which in turns empower clients’ business through online marketing.

24hourleads is designed to help sales professionals, businesses both large and small, and to organizations who need contact information for a specific niche. The service on this website can be used to make a call list or gather information on prospective clients.

On the thebarginbasket platform new quality products are offered at blowout prices daily.

Orvola Supply Co is an online young women’s apparel site offering quality pieces at bargain prices.

For the future? Mr. Johnson does not plan to attend college and wants to continue his success in digital marketing. Furthermore, he is planning on helping other create their own streams of income and show them it’s possible, no matter the situation they’ve came from.

“I am happy to be successful after a lot of failed attempts, now I am willing to share my story to help show others it’s possible.” – C. Johnson

Enquires and questions are welcome anytime, Feel free to reach on to Christian Johnson by mail, or visit any of the website or on Instagram: @themrboss. Pictures and proof are also available per request, please email.

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