Medieval War Game Tiny Battle Simulator is Arriving Soon

Tiny Battle Simulator, the new strategy game that offers the excitement of a totally accurate battle simulator (or not), is scheduled to go live on September 10. The medieval military war game with pixel art and silly humor will be available on Steam and soon on iOS and Android.

Vidiludi invites the media to create videos, streams, reviews or any media, and will give out Steam keys for the press, who can contact the team at:

Sim games have captured gamers’ imagination across the world, and the new Tiny Battle Simulator rises above expectations. The theme of this war game is ‘Liberate Kekanda from its Corrupt Government’. The players recruit and manage a squad of rebels and its equipment. The strategy includes scavenging weapons, shields and helmets from the liberated sectors to free the region from evil oppressors.

If you like strategy games with pixel art graphics and silly humor, then this game is for you!” says Gabriel Morgenstern, Founder, vidiludi games & entertainment.

The game features include battle formations, managing soldiers and items, scavenging the countryside and world rankings based on competition with players across all continents. The game is free from distractions such as ads or micro transactions and there are no other mechanics. One game can be finished in 2-3 hours. The game can be played on old computers too.

Based in Munich, Germany, vidiludi has been making games and apps since 2010. Its founder, Gabriel “Ethan” Morgenstern, develops apps for all popular platforms, and had the first commercial mobile game, ‘Highway Run’ launched in 2012.  His first popular PC/Mac game on Steam, ‘Immune’, along with several other mobile games, have collectively received millions of downloads. Gabriel works with freelancers from across the world to create colorful games and apps, and his clients include names such as Deutsche Bahn.

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