Medical Cannabis Certification in Minneapolis, MN Steps Explained

Dodson Pain Consultants

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Dodson Pain Consultants, the Minneapolis area’s premier provider of comprehensive pain management services, explains the step-by-step process required for an individual to qualify for a medical cannabis certification in Minnesota. 

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Medical cannabis use is gaining in acceptance and availability as more and more individuals are finding relief for chronic pain caused by a variety of diseases and conditions.  Dodson Pain Consultants highlights the steps individuals must make in order to receive a medical cannabis certification in the state of Minnesota. It is important to note that only patients suffering from a select list of conditions are able to apply for a medical cannabis certification and, once approved, medical cannabis is only available at certain locations across the state.

The application process begins with the patient contacting his or her medical provider that is responsible for their care connected with their qualifying condition.  This is so the health practitioner can certify the patient has a qualifying condition.

Second, after patients receive confirmation from their health provider that they have a qualifying condition, they will receive an email from the Office of Medical Cannabis with a link allowing them to register in the program.  

Third, the patient needs to register themselves. Dodson Pain Consultants helps their patients complete the registration process and reminds patients that they will need a Government-issued identification card, a Government assistance plan identification card, and a credit card to pay the annual enrollment fee. Finally, patients complete the process by visiting a cannabis patient center where a pharmacist reviews their account and recommends the specific type and dosage of cannabis.  

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