Maximize Business Efficiency with an IT Cloud Management System

Core Plus World specializes in accommodating the organizational and technological needs of the modern corporation with a unified IT management system for the cloud.

As people rely more and more on computers to keep track of vital business records, it can be difficult to store and transfer important information in a secure and efficient manner. The cloud-based solutions from Core Plus World allow small and medium-sized businesses to manage all the applications and programs used on daily basis. These cloud-enabled IT solutions essentially economize the IT and workflow process, which gives managers and business owners more time to focus on other responsibilities.

A complete cloud environment from Core Plus World can reduce MSP costs by up to $20 per user per month. To fully appreciate the benefits of these IT solutions, it is important to understand how cloud computing works. Clouds are not a form of physical hardware, but rather a network server that can be optimized for private functions. This allows a program or application to run via the cloud server as opposed to a computer, smartphone, or other computing device.

People can customize these cloud-based servers to suit their specific business needs. The cloud management system from Core Plus World offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Information Security
  • Instant Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Data Protection
  • Backup Recovery
  • Remote IT Support

Virtual integration is a key component to receiving the full benefits of a cloud server. It seamlessly integrates various systems, databases, and applications, creating an all-in-one access point to manage a business. With virtual integration, managing applications and monitoring systems has never been easier.

Core Plus World can manage all of a company’s IT services and applications no matter the size of the business. Their goal is to create a service that reduces the hassle of IT and application management, and so far their efforts have been extremely successful.

To learn more about the cloud-enable IT solutions from Core Plus World, call them at (866) 918-7241, and receive a free customized assessment.

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