MatchDiary- A Unique Platform That is Uniting Football Fans From All Around the World

MatchDiary is an innovative social platform that caters dedicatedly to the needs and expectations of all football lovers.

With a fan base crossing over 4 Billion, Football is the most popular sport in the world. And MatchDiary is a platform that is dedicated to helping football fans with a personalized ecosystem, where they can share their love and appreciation for the game with other fans around the world. It is a platform backed by blockchain technology that is revolutionizing the sports market.

Presently, football is not merely considered as an entertainment sport; its popularity has created one of the biggest markets in the world with greater opportunities and capital investments. One of the most prominent reasons that contribute to the worldwide growth of this sport is an undeniably strong fanbase. However still, these fans lack the right platform to develop their passion for the sport. Providing an effective solution to this challenge, MatchDiary is an innovative social platform that caters dedicatedly to the needs and expectations of all football lovers.

The core of the project rests on social media and service providers that focus on eliminating the need of multiple platforms and intermediaries. These aspects are then connected with in-app functionalities to enable a seamless data-flow, hence powering other layers. Additionally, these layers of inbuilt applications are based on real-life sport events and outcomes. With such AR gamification, MatchDiary aspires to encourage the ecosystem to be competitive and offer real-life sports related emotions.

Apart from offering an interactive platform for the football fans, MatchDiary also offers other notable functionalities that further sets it apart. User Diary allows people to interact with each other and share their views, like, comment, and upvote. In fact, users can reward the content they like through Mediar Tokens (currency issued on the platform) and follow other profiles. Additionally, a dedicated algorithm keeps scores of the user’s profile and rewards them in Mediar tokens based on their contribution to the platform. The News Centre is a hub where all members can gather to share and exchange important football updates with one another. These updates are displayed on user profiles depending on their content preferences.

MatchDiary also offers a store that contains a collection of sports accessories and items including t-shirts, scarves, match or event tickets, and official merchandise from international football clubs. The platform has a broad partners network that helps the fans organize their travel; from booking tickets and hotels, to every other aspect on their itinerary. As the members use their Mediar tokens to make payment through the dedicated system, they are always subject to attractive offers and discounts offered by MatchDiary.

Another notable feature of MatchDiary is their own betting marketplace for the users. Members on this platform can easily bet on a certain football event through Mediar Tokens. Owing to blockchain technology, the entire process is simple, secure and transparent. They have relatively low betting commission rates as compared to other platforms, thus yielding a better ROI for the winners. There are various bets on different levels, and based on the overall ranking, MatchDiary also rewards its best bettors with Mediar tokens.

A platform that helps support and promote young talent who struggle to garner adequate training and equipment due to high costs. The football fans community on MatchDiary can contribute Mediar Tokens to these rising talents and assist them with the required financials.

While this platform is not administered by a distinctive blockchain support team, they are aware of the potential that MatchDiary holds for its users and investors. The team is constantly in touch with conglomerates and esteemed football players who understand this humble initiative and are in full support of the project. MatchDiary will soon be announcing a huge contest that will provide ample opportunities for fans to earn rewards. This extensive platform is bringing football fans from different parts of the world closer, and building a community that together develops their passion for this enthralling sport.

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