Mastercloud presents an eco-friendly alternative to traditional crypto mining

Mastercloud is bringing a revolutionary new change into the crypto mining industry by introducing an eco-friendly alternative that enables mining without excessive power consumption, expensive mining equipment, and other hassles. The Mastercloud service will allow anyone to access the masternode reward system, powered by Ethereum ERC20 smart contract through which they can earn rewards in ETH from masternode set-up operations based on the tokens they hold directly in the wallet. The users can acquire the Mastercloud (MAST) tokens from the ongoing private-sale.

Mastercloud will develop a fully secure and regulated ERC-20 compliant Token (MAST) built on top of Ethereum Network that will be audited by the best in the field. Contributors will need to store their MAST in their Ethereum wallet in order to access the operation service that will include masternodes of cryptocurrencies such as PIVX, MUE, DEV.. and much more. Operations revenue will be distributed amongst token holders in ETH each Fortnight while no FIAT is involved in the process. The total supply of MAST token is limited to 100,000,000 out of which 93,000,000 will be available for the public, 2,000,000 through the private sale and 5,000,000 is reserved for the Mastercloud team members and bounties. The MAST token is available for purchase at a rate of 1 ETH=10,000 MAST.

A number of mainstream cryptocurrencies like Dash, Pivx or Crown are now running on the Masternodes, often combined with POW mining to ensure their network security and stability. This also allows them to give high rewards to their holders. Mastercloud has utilized the same opportunity to create a massive tokenized masternode operation that will be 100% environment-friendly, secure and rewarding for its members.

Mastercloud overcomes the shortcomings associated with the conventional mining systems. While Bitcoin mining is coming to an end and only 4 million BTC are left to mine, thousands of other cryptocurrencies will continue to be mined worldwide. This would lead to bigger mining operations and systems being established as the cryptocurrency market continue to grow, which would also mean more hardware and electricity consumption. This is why platforms like Mastercloud are on a mission to provide an eco-friendly and more accessible mining solution to crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Owning and running a Masternode can be often expensive and requires a lot of technical knowledge. The heat generated from the equipment and its bulk size, make it infeasible for many people to own and operate but the Mastercloud service will provide a fair chance for everyone to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the cloud without going through all the hassle of buying and maintaining the mining equipment.

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