Master Entertainer Craig Inderweisen Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Find The Silly Friends Drawing Game Project

Entertainment expert Craig Inderweisen announces Kickstarter campaign for The Silly Friends Drawing Game project.

Craig Inderweisen, the creative entertainer, has announced launch of Kickstarter campaign for The Silly Friends Drawing Game project. It is a game designed to teach players how to draw and inspire creativity by using chance to generate fun, unique, playful, Silly Friend.

“I am happy to introduce a brand new, creative game that can keep participants engrossed for endless hours,” says Craig Inderweisen the brain behind the game. “The game is for kids and grownups too as they all have a creative side. Mixing and matching parts to discover what the end results will look like makes this unique game truly interesting and engrossing.”

The Silly Friends Drawing Game consists of six game cards with an equal number of unique characters on each game card. This gives every player a sum total of 36 Silly Friends to practice drawing. The game involves grabbing a draw pad and a dice and mixing the body parts that are divided into 10 categories, starting with the eyes and others, making their way down to the feet. The game becomes highly interesting and exciting due to the endless combinations it offers.

As a small kid, Craig has a passion for drawing silly characters. He loved mixing different lines and shapes to make unique looking characters and covering entire sheets of paper with different looking eyes, noses, mouths, etc. He would then mix and match these parts to create cool characters.

The Silly Friends Drawing Game was developed by using the same creative concept of mixing and matching. Six body parts across 15 different categories were created with each part representing a number on the dice. The result achieved by the roll of the dice would be drawn on an erase board to create a unique character. The possibilities are truly endless with this unique game.

Craig has spent a substantial sum from his own resources to develop a commercially viable version of The Silly Friends Drawing Game. He has turned to Kickstarter to get further financial support from participants. The funds raised from the campaign will be utilized for dealing with issues like copyright, ISBN and Barcode, website development, marketing of the game, production, packaging, distribution, trademarking, and for introducing the game on mobile app and to add retail versions and products.

Craig has a financial target of $8,000 from the Kickstarter fundraiser which he is hopeful of achieving by the campaign deadline of 21, August, 2017. Craig plans to reward participants handsomely according to their level of contribution by offering them different versions such as Basic, Family, Large Family and Exclusive versions.

About The Silly Friends Drawing Game Project:

The Silly Friends Drawing Game is a unique and exciting game created and developed by Craig Inderweisen, a creative artist with a passion for drawing unique characters. It has a set of six card games with six unique characters on each game, thus providing players the opportunity to create 36 unique Silly Friends to practice drawing.

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