Massage Spa Center Centennial, South Denver CO, Revealed Health Benefits of Detox in New Interview

Tina Long, owner of Parker Med Spa in South Denver, CO.

Parker Med Spa owner and former Parker, CO, Councilwoman Tina Long was interviewed by Flasch Health Network about failures in keeping the fat off. She gave vital information about the main reason behind the process of gaining fat in the human body as well as how to achieve the target size effectively. Long, who is also a dedicated community ambassador around South Denver, explained her discoveries involving fat cell detox and how it helps to address the nationwide health problem in North America.

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Over time, the percentage of the American population that is said to be obese has been rising. In a report recorded in Forbes Magazine adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nationwide BMI statistics were used to determine that almost half of American adults (40%) are obese.

The same is seen among children, where 10% of 2-5 year old kids and 20% of 6-19 year olds are obese too. While there are so many options to control body mass, the majority of them don’t address the root of the problem and thus permanent fat reduction seems impossible.

In most cases, many explanations are given as the causes of obesity. They include an inactive lifestyle, poor diet, genes and lack of exercise. However the root cause happens much earlier, explained by Long.

“The potential to gain excessive body mass can begin as early as during the time a person is in their mother’s womb and continues all throughout their life involuntarily,” said Long.

“The only thing fat cells do about substances they cannot process is to absorb them. When fat cells ingest unhealthy food, the fat cells start to swell. This ingestion means toxins get stored in large quantities inside the fat cells. These fat cells begin to swell more, causing the body to grow bigger as weight increases.” Long explained.

At Long’s Parker Med Spa, the first process to removing unwanted pounds is detoxifying the fat cells. Long observed that her clients are able to achieve effective body mass control accompanied by improvement in overall health. A variety of health benefits come with the detox, including improvement of metabolism, increase in energy, and clearer skin.

Pamela R. is a 70 year old client at Parker Med Spa, whose successful experience with the detoxification program prompted her to speak out. “Testing showed the foods to stay away from, which has made a tremendous difference,” Pamela said. “The combination of the techniques used in the office are truly changing things up in my body. I love it. It’s working!”

Aside from managing Parker Med Spa, Tina Long is also concerned with the welfare of local residents at Parker and takes an active role in helping those who need it. She provides regular complimentary hair removal and cold laser healing treatments for pain to the under-served. She had donated $10,000 to Parker Task Force, which helped people in need with food, housing, and other basic necessities. Recently, Long set up a scholarship program for local high school seniors and gave away $1500 toward their college education. Parker Med Spa has been the recipient of the Best of the Best award by Colorado Community Media and other outlets since 2004.

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