Marsha’s Story, A Gripping Tale Of Murder By Tressa Armstead

Marsha’s Story is a psychological thriller that has been written by Tressa Armstead based on one of her personal experiences.

Fort Stockton, Texas – Jun 6, 2018 – Marsha’s Story is a psychological thriller book that has been authored by Tressa Armstead. As a writer who always believes in taking inspiration from real life, Tressa Armstead took the main basis of her book from the life and death of one of her friends. This adds an intense depth to the whole storyline, which is hard to miss. The story is taken from real life. However, it still contains numerous unexpected twists and turns that can keep the readers engaged throughout the whole length of the book.

It is this gripping storytelling that has captivated the audiences. Readers who would want to indulge in a compelling tale of death and grim can quickly get what they want from the all-new book by Tressa Armstead. Marsha’s Story is written in a way that can not only appeal to sporadic thriller readers as well as those readers who love to explore different types of thriller genres on a regular basis.

The psychological thriller book about Marsha’s Story can keep readers completely hooked till the end. Readers will find it difficult to put down the book until they discover the truth of what happened with Susan. As the story progresses, it is going to take some bizarre turns that can leave the readers wholly baffled. It is this that makes the book so much interesting. The book has got enough plotlines that can play with the imagination of the audience, thereby pushing them to turn the pages and read more.

Tressa Armstead is a mistress of words, and she can weave one scene after another to keep the minds of the readers thoroughly captivated. While writing a psychological thriller that dealt with the murder of her friend, one of the critical challenges Tressa Armstead had was to keep the readers engaged while trying to combine reality with fiction.

The author also had the task to remove the mundane aspects of the real-life investigation out of the storyline and yet make it realistic enough so that it can seem exciting and captivating. Tressa Armstead has been able to do just that with her book Marsha’s Story and this has thoroughly appealed to a whole new segment of readers all around the world. It is due to this reason that the book Marsha’s Story has generated widespread positive applause in the social media.

Writing a psychological thriller can often be a difficult task, particularly when it comes to juggling single or multiple POV characters and telling the story in a way so that the reality of the matter is revealed only slowly. However, Tressa Armstead has done an excellent job with her book by creating a unique web of gripping narration and plotlines. It is her skill at deft storytelling that has made it possible for her to come up with a story that can be loved by anyone.

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About Tressa Armstead

Tressa Armstead is an author who has just published her new book Marsha’s Story. The book is a psychological thriller that tells the story of the murder of the author’s friend. She was born and raised in Pecos, Texas. She now lives in Fort Stockton, Texas with her family. 

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