Releases Comprehensive Technical Analysis of Stock Market Study

Its main goal: help investors and stock market players have a grasp of volatility trends to help them predict future instances of market crashes

Bellingham, WA – 16 June 2014., one of the industries’s leading providers of educational and subscription based technical analysis of US Stocks and trading systems, has just recently released a full-scale Volatility Analysis study to help predict stock market crashes. The published results tackle different periods of high and low volatility in the stock market, as early as 1981.

Volatility Analysis of the Stock Market (MV) has always received this popular question from its subscribers: “How do we recognize the beginning of long-term recessions and protect our investments in case the stock market crashes?” This concern mirrors the vulnerability of any trader who is misinformed or unarmed with the right knowledge and tools. Moreover, MV realized that it is rather painful to see individual traders plummet to debts (in cases of stock crashes) while wiping out their savings in a few months; worst case scenario: it came from their pension.

As it is their natural penchant to provide detailed charts, analysis and reports on latest stock market trends, their researcher team has come up with the idea of a volatility analysis report to help not just their own subscribers but also anybody interested. With this rationale, their study is free to be read online.

Like many analysts before them, they too consider S&P 500 index as a better gauge of the US economy, so the authors of the study has chosen the same parameters as the foundation of their research. 

They are in partnership with Highlight Investments Inc. to bring a formidable tag-team known in the investment world as one of the leaders in volume-based technical analysis.

Inside the study, they have disclosed critical points to consider when considering investor portfolios in preparation for a possible recession or market crash. It contains straightforward information on what should investors do and how can past analysis of market volatility rates and figures affect daily trading sessions. Their study can be found here.

Even if this study is comprehensive enough, still disclaims that technical analysis (the tool used to come up with the research results) is not exact science. They refute that the stock market and its analysis is also not an exact science and those who wish to use these results to back up their related study efforts must use it with caution and their own discretion.


With many years of solid experience in providing a large audience with volume-based trading analysis results, has produced lots of fruitful partnerships and research-centric charts and reports that has benefited many stock investors, may they be beginners or experts. They provide an exclusive tool which supplies complete analysis of price trends amid volume and volatility analysis. They believe that in doing so, analysts can come up with a more complete picture of the whole trading system. These tools help their still growing subscribers make informative day to day decisions for their hard money’s worth of stock market investments. Click here to see the complete list of price, volume and volatility indicators offered at

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